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  1. Would that be even possible given that the payment was associated with the earlier DS-160?
  2. Sorry a bit unclear on the responses 2/3, but i think i get your point though. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much, both of you.
  4. Hi - thanks in advance for your help. My First company "X" issued my First H1b in October 2015, which was valid till October 2018 and stamped in my passport such. I moved firm to "Y" in Nov 2016, when my Visa (797) was issued till October 2019, but old stamp from X 'was going'. My employer "Y" is supposed to file for my extension in April-June 2019. Questions: I plan to go to India (depending on stamping dates) or Canada to get my new company "Y" visa stamped in November/December of this year. This will stamp my visa valid only till October 2019, just 9/10 more months. Would that be an issue given that duration is short? can this is be a possible reason of rejection of my petition? If i try and travel in Feb/March of 2019, BEFORE my new H1b extension, would that be too risky? I keep hearing cases where even stamping (leave aside new H1B LCA Approvals or Transfers) are taking forever. Is that true for home countries, or has the same thing happening in Canada or Mexico as well? does the length of approval of stamping depend on roles in IT consulting jobs (client-employer type projects) or non-IT, example marketing/finance as well (direct for employer) (sorry, this is a really dumb 'terminology' question): i am trying to fill out a form and it asks me where was your first H1b "visa issued". In my case, i studied masters in the US, my firm "X" applied for my LCA petition, got approved, and then i did my visa stamping in Canada. In this case "visa issuance" place means the same as "stamping" place? which in my case would be Canada In my head i believe once a person's H1b LCA petition is approved, that person has a valid "visa"? isn't this the case? or a person only has a valid "visa" once it is stamped in the passport. Thanks for your patience and appreciate the support.
  5. Apologies but i am new here and my current situation is a little overwhelming for me. A bit of context: H1b start date with Company "I" in Aug 2015 Moved to Company "P" in Nov 2016 (at which point visa was extended till Aug 2019, but my passport visa stamp is based on company "I" till Aug 2018), hence i can't leave the country till Aug 2019 Company "P" is a fortune 50 firm, though in the 'Consumer Goods' space which is not fast growing like Tech. I work in Finance. My visa max out 6 yrs date is Aug 2021 I am trying to get my firm "P" to file for my GC next year and also extend my visa; on preliminary meetings with HR, they are saying they can file my H1b extension, but unsure if they can process my green card. They cite that since company is not doing well and has fired many people, current laws make it tough to file for green card for a foreign national. Can you kindly advise on my options and help me with below I am trying to get my stamping done in India in Nov/Dec of this year, which will continue my visa till Aug 2019; should i expect any problems/delays etc given how things have changed under Trump administration? If my firm files for an H1b extension, and GC too, can they be filed one before the other (in any order)? i believe yes, but pls confirm. If my firm files for an H1b extension, but denies my GC processing - how much time do i have to find a new firm? given max out visa is Aug 2021, and assuming getting approved I-140 takes roughly 18 months, i believe my new firm "X", should start my perm process before Feb 2020, correct? Does one need an approved PERM or approved I-140, 365 days before Max out date of Aug 2021, such that H1b can be extended in one year increments? or that the perm (approved or not), must be just filed 365 days in advance. Do new firms on average ask new employees to work for 12 months before starting the GC process, in which case i need to find new firms by Mar 2019? Are there some firms in specific sectors that are more generally more prone to GC filing? example, firms in Tech space for example? i work in Finance though. Thank you very much, A23202