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  1. Hi, 

    were you able to get this information? "PERM and SWA question"

    can you let me know?



  2. Hi, I am in the 6th year of my H1b. My current visa expires on April 10th 2019. My MPS (maximum Physical Stay) date is 25th April 2019. My company will not file an extension to capture those 15 days since they have a policy to only file extension for 6 months or more. My GC is in progress and PERM will be filed in Feb 2019 which means i would have to go back to India on or by 10th April 2019. Questions:- Once my PERM and i-140 is approved while I am in India (lets say by August 2019), because of the fact that i did not complete my 6 years (there were 15 days remaining ) can my company apply extension at that time while i am in India (in August) and then come back as soon as extension is approved? OR Do i have to wait for lottery, the following year? OR Are there any other options/suggestions on what could be done? Appreciate your response! Thanks!