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  1. Hi, I was arrested for retail fraud - 3rd degree misdemeanor but charged with Disorderly Conduct. I am on probation until March 2019. I am planning to visit India in December 2018 and will have to go for re-stamping as my original visa stamp has expired. (I-797 valid until September 2019). I got the certified copy of my case from the court and it mentions both my original crime (retail fraud) and what I was charged with (Disorderly conduct) In my case it is a drop off of the documents so I won't have a chance to explain the details of my case to anyone in person. 1) What outcomes can I expect? Denied re-stamping and revocation of the visa? Delay in processing? 2) Should I wait until probation period is completed? I think this might not matter, if anything else they would want me to return to US to complete my probation period? 3) Should I include any other documents apart from the certified copy of my case? Any advice or comments would be helpful. Thanks in advance!