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  1. Satish557

    i140 H1b Extension

    Hi, I have with me approved Form I-140 petition instead of Form I-797 approval notice for Form I-140. Can i use it for my h1b extension ? Thanks
  2. Satish557

    EAD i140

    when i have raised FOIA request for getting i140 approval copy, i have received Form i-140 petition copy with approved stamp on it instead of i-1797 approval notice. Now, can i use this Form i-140 petition copy to submit for EAD along with other documents? Thanks Satish
  3. Satish557

    EAD i140

    Hi, I have received approved i140 immigration petition copy instead of i797 approval notice for i140 when requested with FOIA. I would like to know whether the approved i140 immigration petiton copy is sufficient for applying EAD or do we need i797 approval notice copy for i140, if so, can we raise one more foia request for that? Thanks Satish
  4. Satish557

    H1 Transfer

    Hi, I am transferring my H1 to a new employer. If it is denied in the worst case, will my current approved H1 will also be denied? Thanks
  5. Satish557

    i140 Approved Change of Employer

    I am on H1B and planning to apply for H4 EAD for my spouse. After 18 months of my i140 approval, i have changed employer. Should i still need to contact my old employer for applying H4 EAD?
  6. Satish557

    i140 Approved Change of Employer

    Hi, My i140 got approved in 2017. I have receipt number, priority date and A-number but not the approved copy. I have changed employer now. Can i apply H4 EAD now without transfering i140 with new employer? This is the first time applying for H4 EAD. Thanks