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  1. nidhi1642

    EAD question

    Thank you @newacct If i use this EAD(if a need arise),is there a way to regain non-immigrant status?Can i simply obtain another H1B(get visa stamped) and re-enter on the new H1B?
  2. nidhi1642

    EAD question

    I have a question about the EAD-compelling circumstances(category-8CFR part 274a. 12.(c)(35) ). I have valid H1B(stamped till 2021) and an approved EAD(under this category) but i don't want to be losing the H1 status. Question: Do i lose the non-immigrant status upon the EAD approval (or) do i lose the non-immigrant status upon using this EAD(filling i9 or other purposes)??