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  1. Eb3Downgrade

    I-140 and AOS within 180 days of Labor

    @SSAU09 my lawyer does not say that 485 will get rejected? why do you say so?
  2. Eb3Downgrade

    I-140 and AOS within 180 days of Labor

    @care_candidate country=India, PD Sept-2009, Current approved I-140 in Eb2 from current company. Past I-140 in eb3 was with old company. Current Eb2 I-140 was approved one month back. Current Labor was approved in July-2018.
  3. Hello @pontevecchio I have an approved labor in Jul-2018. I also got approved I-140 for Eb2 in August-2018. I want to file I-140 in Eb3 and 485/EAD concurrently on Oct-1. Just wanted to know, if you see any issues, as my labor is within 180 days of approval.
  4. Eb3Downgrade

    EB2 and EB3 Upgrades/Downgrades

    Hello, My Priority Date is Sept-2009. I have an approve Labor which was approved in july-2018. I am within the 180 days of labor approval. I also have an approved I-140 which was approved in premium in august-2018. 1) Can i file new I-140 in Eb3 with Concurrent I-485 on October-1st, since I am within 180 days of Labor approval 2) what happens if new I-140 in Eb3 is rejected? 3) What happens if I get EAD based on new Eb3 category and Eb2 moves faster? am i eligible to move back to Eb2. My first priority is to get EAD and AP so that traveling outside USA is easy. 4) I have already moved from Eb3 to Eb2 once? How many times does this upgrade/downgrade is allowed? can i go from Eb2toeb3 and then go from eb3 to eb2 again after I-485 is filled? Can upgrade/Downgrade be done after filling I-1485 too? or it can only be done before filling I-485? 5) If i got I-485 filled in Eb3, do i get to port to Eb2 again if needed or I am stuck with Eb3?