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  1. I have my citizenship interview in early August. I have been filing taxes regularly but I filed an extension this time (for 2018 taxes) and was planning to file my taxes by Oct. Could this be an issue? Should I plan to file my taxes for 2018 before the citizenship interview or is it ok to do it latter?
  2. My GC expires on Mid September and I have my Citizenship interview on August 5th. I am hoping I will have my naturalization ceremony by September but cannot be sure. 1. Do I need to renew my GC or just plan that I will have my citizenship by sep/ before the GC expires. 2. If I don't extent my GC and I don't get my citizenship by mid sep- I am at risk of being illegal in the interim or have issues at the naturalization ceremony? 3. Is there a potential to have issues at the citizenship interview if I have applied for GC extension? Thanks..Appreciate your guidance here..
  3. I am house wife but I took some online course (for Teaching certification). Should I include those in my application? The online N-400 form mentioned Full time or Part time courses but I was not sure if online only should be included. Also, if I include the online course- For the institution address- should I use the address of where their office is based?