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  1. Hi, My company applied for my H1B by this April and got picked in lottery and got approved by end of June 2019. I got laid off. My last day of work is Oct 31st. Employer supports my H1B till Oct 31st. My questions: 1. Will I be able to look for jobs in till Dec 31st 2019 in H1B status? 2. After December 2019, if I get conventerted to H4 (as my spouse is in H1B), and later when I get job in 2020, will my new employer can just transfer my H1B? Is is like normal H1b transfer from employer to employer or is it different as I will be on H4 by that time? or what is the process and how long will it take on average for transfers? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Folks, I had a Change of status from H4 to F1 before 2 years. I completed my Masters this December 2017. I am currently working on my OPT. I have not travelled to India for the past 2 years since COS and I am traveling next month to india. Couple of questions: From what I see online, looks like I have to get my visa stamped.With the current situation, I fear if my VISA will get rejected as I have already graduated. Any idea on the type of questions are asked in the visa interview? Do i stand a better chance if I go to Canada for stamping before I go to India. If I get rejected , what are my options? Can I re-apply? Should I quit my job immediately? (My husband has a approved I140)(I am also applying for my OPT extension this month)