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  1. My H1B transfer is in progress. Filed on 6/2 The attorney initially filed LCA under company A mistakenly when Company A was acquired by company B in January 2019. All the interviews and offer letter I received is from company B. LCA under Company A is certified and she then filed my H1 transfer 6/2 using Company A. Additionally, she has also opened a new LCA under the company B The question to you is, she is saying I can start with receipt notice of the H1 transfer which she that she filed under company A. Is it okay? Will I be in trouble if I trust and join them under company A name? What if USCIS denies my case after she files the change in employer name to company B? I don't know what her plans are? Will she file an amendment with company B LCA or is she supposed to submit a new H1B with company B? I think there is a possibility of RFE in the H1 transfer petition since the offer letter (its in Company B name) and Company A LCA and H1B transfer petition do not match. What do you recommend?
  2. stamford

    H1B: Extension denials

    Thanks for the reply. Do you think a tourist visa is not an option? I dont know how long it will take to apply for H4. Am I already late to apply for H4? I need an easiest and fastest way to come inside
  3. stamford

    H1B: Extension denials

    Missed to add below info in my original post H1B expired on Mar 16 2018 (H1 extension filed on Feb 2018 under regular and upgraded to premium in aug 2018) i94 expiring in Nov 26 2018 Wife's due on Nov 28 2018
  4. stamford

    H1B: Extension denials

    Case details My h1b visa extension was denied due to insufficient documentation and I am suspecting its because of missing SOW. I did my best by talking to all the folks but they thought SOW wasn't required and submitted only client letter. Most heartbreaking is, my wife who is also in H1B is 7 months pregnant. Company asked me to leave the country in 2 weeks and I already have Canada work permit. Plus I was in the process of transferring my visa to current end client in US. I am missing both the opportunities of not being here for the delivery and fulltime opportunity with my end client. What are my options? 1. To be with my wife during delivery, I have planned to leave the country by end of sep (since I have 2 weeks time) to Canada. My client approved to support from Canada. After staying there for a couple of weeks, once I get the paycheck I thought of applying for US tourist visa. I have got a letter from my wife's doctor saying the need for me to be here during the delivery and after that. Once tourist visa is approved, will come to the US for a couple of weeks to be with my wife during delivery, see my baby and go back to Canada by mid December. 2. To reenter US with work permit, I have two options 2.1 My current company can file for a new petition with the existing h1 and correct the mistakes made in the month of January and then upgrade to premium in February. (or) 2.2 Can my end client file for L1 visa and hire me directly from Canada as soon as I go there by end of September? Maybe they can bring me to US in L1 visa. Or how else can they do? I hope you understand how terrible my situation is. Please guide me asap.