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  1. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    I was so happy with the idea of selling all my assests, maxing out my credit card and going back home....but suddsnly found i765v and now feel like stuck in liquid oxygen -(catch22 situation.) I am in no family pictures or photo-shoot neither been to any family wedding in the last few years. Feels like am gonna die in USA - people get house arrest, I got country arrest!
  2. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    I have had 4 immigration attorneys in the last 2 years: All legal immigration consultants are paid and have paid $100 3 times. Finally found my current attorney who did a lot initially and then ond day in oct 2018 I found in the VISA bulletion about i765v. Tired of paying and talking to immigration attorneys. The existing attorney so far was okay. No one had a super great advise. Thank You!
  3. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    This isnt fair...I have international assignments from work that requires traveling abroad. I work as a DIRECTOR for a fashion house in merchandising. After 12 years I cant leave an old joint I-140 and get in the green cards queue for another 12 years by filing a new H1b. And life of my KIDS are totally ruined..... People at work were making fun of me as if I am on some kind of travel BAN..... 😞 😞 Thanks to the Supreme Court judge who assured me, she would not let overstay after divorce affect my career- even-though there were no LAWS of i765v then in 2017 in place.
  4. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    Actually the divorce trial in Supreme court USA went on for 2 years leading to change in immigration laws last year in 2018. I think Supremecourt Judge spoke to the immigration court for laws change in immigration. Social service agencies like safe horizon were useless in providing any help they simply complicated it all. Thats when we spoke to supreme court judge and the whole court was shaken when they came to know there are no laws for Indians for condition of marriage removal even after 10 years of stay None of the immigration attorney knows much about i765v yet. I found it on the internet oneday. If USCIS gave someone an EAD without a VISA status not eligible for parole then its a little INCOMPLETE. I got tons in alimony support and own my house here in USA. Money isn't a problem. So do you mean USCIS gave something which isnt enough? a partial status? TO GET MORE- WE HAVE TO ASK FOR MORE:: Condition of marriage removal is an easy thing for females from REST OF THE WORLD- So why are indians being treated differently. Its a simply thing I-140 priority date of ex-husband gets split and trasfers to My i76v. And the dates for 'Condition of marriage' removal is always current as this is a new thing........ TONS of people in the GREEN CARD queue, which is fine as long as USCIS can guarantee a good life for their spouses, childeren or ex-wifes! I stay with firnds and some of them are social service workers and they all said the same thing..... PARTIAL LAW CHANGE ISNT ENOUGH!!! TO GET MORE, WE HAVE TO ASK FOR MORE! 🙂
  5. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    Should I simply check 1d and submit the form?
  6. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    Thanks....but AP is for people with GC date current..... I got nothing.....I just escaped between rain drops when i765v was introduced 4 months back. Do you know am I even eligible for a GC? Or an AP? Does that mean anyone on i765v just cant travel ever? Please guide as to how to get AP without GC date current? My attorney said I cant travel ever as when they made i76v an EAD without any visa status so no stamping. Looks like USCIS forgot to add AP process. Or there is a way for AP on i765v. I would higly appreciate if anyone can do some research as I am recently divorced with my ex-husband on h1b. DO I need to fill in I-131, if yes how?
  7. aashi3031

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    Hi There, I have a newly approved i765v. Do you know the process of return if I travel to India? Thanks,
  8. aashi3031

    U-Visa & VAWA Petition

    Thanks, My application is not being considered...no DA just bio-metrics ..... I don't think I can support myself in USA for the next 4 years without job. My ex-husband left home all of a sudden on 12th February with his new girlfriend and never returned. I have consulted 2 attorneys already: 1. One filed for my U-Visa with the help of detective at the police station. 2. The second one told me to wait and file for Vawa if he gets green card in the next 2 years. 3. Let me know what options that I have and then I will see if any of those can work for my situation. Thanks, Aashi!
  9. aashi3031

    U-Visa & VAWA Petition

    Hi Everyone, I am on h4-EAD, going through a divorce. My ex-husbands priority date I-140 is March 2010....its almost near. I filed for U-Visa already. Got a question if meanwhile within 2 years of divorce which is expected in Dec(divorce finalizing in Dec 2018)..... If his priority date gets current in the next 2 years, 1..... will I be able to upgrade my U-visa to VAWA and get a Green Cards too? 2..... Just incase if I go to India, my U-visa invalidates but can I file for Vawa once he gets his green card? Thanks, Aashi