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  1. Bhoomika

    PED date incorrect on visa

    My Husband's L1 petition initially was approved till November 2018. Later on the extension was done and it was approved till 2020.My visa has the ped as November 2018.Should I apply for correction?
  2. Bhoomika

    L2 visa

    Can I travel to US with less than 2 months of visa? My husband's I-94 extension is filed. Will there be a problem in extending my I-94 as I don't have 45days to file?
  3. Bhoomika

    L2 expiring in 2 months

    My L2 visa was issued for 2 months on this September which expires in this November . Currently in india never travelled to USA. My Husband's I129s is valid till 2020 whereas his i94expires on nov1. Will i be able to travel to USA with this visa?will there be any problem at port of entry?