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  1. I have tried in person as well, they told to call after a week, in SAVE check status it shows under review.
  2. Hi All, Anybody facing delay in processing Driving License. Its been a month I applied for renewal and got a temporary license. I used to this over the years and I will get in 2 weeks time. This time its almost a month, when I called DMV they told me they are waiting for Homeland Security to review the documents and asked me to call after a week, is this a new norm ? Please clarify if any one experienced the same. Thanks.
  3. hodorr

    Impact of arrest on background check

    @goodluckguy111 Will be there any question for arrest on back ground check ? what have u answered on the background check. Please share.
  4. Thanks every one in this community who are really helpful. Got my H1B Visa Successfully Stamped. 1. submitted the doc for drop box. 2. After 7 days got Blue Slip 221-G asked to come for in-person interview. 3. Appear in person-interview on 9th day and got my fingerprints and interview. VO: Did u brought all the related doc's. Me: I submitted Court letter and my Attor letter VO: Do you have police report and any other doc's Me: I handed that over as well VO: Were there any alcohol involved in this incident ME: No VO: Typing something on the computer and Gave me yellow slip and asked to sit Me: After waiting for 20 minutes , VO called my name VO: Gave back my documents and kept the passport with him, and mentioned your visa approved Me: Got back my passport with visa stamped on 12 day. In POE was asked to go into Secondary inspection, Was waiting for 10 minutes and then got my stamped entry and there were no issues or delays.
  5. Thanks for the tips. This is for DV not DUI/DWI. For Supporting Doc's in my case , Can i drop it off all the supporting docs like court letter, attorney letter in drop box itself ? or only if they called for in-person interview we need to provide ? Also will they ask to go for medical evaluation for DV?
  6. So do i need to book for drop box first and select the date for drop box, then call embassy customer service number ? After calling them how do i explain ? Please help . kind of urgent.
  7. Hi Is there a way i can avoid drop box for H1B Visa interview in India and go for in-person interview. Can i choose "No" option before scheduling visa interview, even though am eligible for waiver ? Anyways they might be calling for interview since i have arrest record. Rather i would like to go and attend the interview in person directly. Please help suggest. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Is it Good to go in November or start of January for H1B Visa Stamping in Chennai . I am thinking based on my status i might get 221G. Just trying to allocate two months time. So which time is preferable to go with lesser holidays and processing time's are faster in which month ? Please help/guide. Thanks,
  9. Hi, I had a DV arrest in California, fingerprinted, but no case, since DA did not file any charges and its been more than a year. I got only no-complaint letter from the court office. I got my H1B renewed after this incident and i have the petition till Nov2021. I am going for H1B visa interview. Is there anything else i need to carry apart from this letter? Since there is no case it is difficult to get a letter or document. Please clarify if any one faces the same situation before. Thanks.