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  1. Preparing_To_Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    I am really sorry about that,, especially after all that waiting.. please share with us any additional information that you can share regarding the denial
  2. Preparing_To_Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Great news congratulations! Could you please, and of course without revealing any personal information, share what kind of additional evidence you provided? Did they ask for anything specific or was it the regular RFE template they send everyone. Thanks.
  3. Preparing_To_Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    My case was received on September 13 and I got the receipt around 1 week after that. I hope you get yours soon
  4. Preparing_To_Wait

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    hello everyone, nice to find this forum. I wish I found it earlier as I just sent my J-1 waiver application. According to the published wait times I was expecting 3-4 months of wait time, but going thru your posts obviously it's way longer. my case is based on fear of persecution but I haven't submitted any evidence. I have a detailed statement of reason though. Not sure whether that would cause RFE or just unfavorable decision (thoughts?) Also do you think how long ago I was on J-1 makes any difference? As it has been almost 9 years now. Thanks,