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    H1B to H4 conversion:

    My H1B visa is maxing out on Nov 30 2019. I applied for H1B to H4 conversion based on my Spouse petition in USA and it’s still in documentation status, yet to receive any receipt. Due to an urgent situation, I need to travel back to India next week. If I need to return to US after Nov 30, I would need a H4 visa stamped. Can you please help answering the below questions? 1. Can I apply a fresh H4 Stamping request in India which is very quick process it seems? 2. What will happen to the H4 conversion request I raised in USA? Will it coincide with a new request raised in India? 3. If one my requests get rejected or cancelled, will it impact my GC and perm process?
  2. H1B to H4 Conversion before Expiry I and my spouse are working in H1B visa and my visa is maxing out on Dec 2019 but my spouse has 2 years left. I have couple of questions regarding processing H4 visa while working in USA. 1. Can i initiate H4 dependant Visa while working in USA working under Valid H1B? 2. Initiating H4 Visa will void the current H1B validity or we should be good ? Note: I know i can go back to India and initiate H4 visa after my H1B expiry but we have a 6 months old baby to take care that's whyi am looking for processing H1B to H4 in USA
  3. Both I and my spouse are in H1B visa with valid stamped petition till 2019. I am currently in India offshore location . My wife is working in onsite location and we are getting a baby soon. Since i dont have an requirement to work in my wife's current work location. I would like to go on H4 Visa and take care of her. Can someone clarify few things Can she process H4 dependant visa for me ? Can i travel in H4 Visa , will that impact my current H1B validatiy ? Can i swap company after coming to U.S because i have H1B valid petition ? Thanks You !!! Grateful to the people who responded.