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  1. Thanks for your response. I got little bit confused with answer of 1st query. 1. . Can I apply for I-140 (green card) while H1b extension is in process with USCIS?- No. Any potential employer can file . Please confirm is it possible to apply for I-140 (green card) while H1b extension is in process?
  2. Hi,Actually I had completed 2.5 years of H1b in USA but I moved back to my home country as my extension got denied. I have applied H1b extension again from my home country under cap exempt and also received the receipt number from USICS but its going to take 6-8 months to get the decision from USCIS as premium processing is on hold. So I have 3 questions-1. Can I apply for I-140 (green card) while H1b extension is in process with USCIS? 2. Will processing I129 & I140 together affect decision of USCIS either for I129 or I140?3. If my H1b extension(I129) get approved before I-140, Can I go for stamping & travel to USA on H1b ?
  3. ap_1007

    Suspension of Premium Processing

    My H1B extension was denied in Aug 2018 and I am currently in India. My employer is reapplying for my cap exempt extension for the same client and same role. Unfortunately they wont be able to file it before Sept 11, 2018 as LCA isn’t certified yet. So will it be possible to apply premium processing in my case if they file after Sept 11 2018 from Nebraska center since there is no change in employer and role?