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  1. Nav555r

    EB2 and EB3 Upgrades/Downgrades

    I’m currently on eb2 with 2014 priority date. Since my eb2 application my role has moved to more of an executive role ( VP level) and I manage people overseas (in the Indian counterpart of our company) as part of my role but I do that while living in US and working for my company on h1b. Does this qualify me to upgrade to eb1 while continuing to live and work from US on h1b? If yes what would be the process ? If not, what steps do I need to take to become eligible ? Please respond. Thank you !!
  2. Nav555r

    L1A and EB1(c) Managers and Executives

    Hi, i am currently on h1b visa since 2010 and have an approved I-140 with 2014 priority date. I started off as a an engineer at this company and moved to VP level position over the past decade. I manage team in India as part of my role and have been doing so since couple of years now. Is there any possibility to upgrade my green card application from eb2 to eb1 category Without needing to physically stay in India for an year? Alternatively would it help to stay in US but on India payroll for an year and be eligible to upgrade to eb1. Essentially I’m planning to switch L1A so I can get my GC processed quickly. I’m very important to this company and play a very important executive role. Please advise. thankyou !!