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  1. Rajala

    Suspension of Premium Processing

    Can a CAP exempt Institution still file H1b transfer after Sept. 11 in premium processing?
  2. Rajala

    H1b transfer RFE

    Is Counselor H1b transfer processing is also suspended after Sept 11th.? can a cap exempt employer like a Instruction still file H1 transfer in Premium Processing?
  3. Rajala

    H1b transfer RFE

    Got RFE for location and Specialty occupation. I got a position with a State office B through a state university C. I left my previous company A after the receipt and H1 transfer was filed in PP. Company A had filed my extension. My i-94 is expired. The two state agencies have MOU signed with them. Both the companies B and C are coming under the State Government but they are two separate offices. My attorney filed for petition for the Office B through my employer C and treated as it is the position with employer not with the end client. The attorney office didn't mentioned that the position location is offsite but gave the current location. Now the RFE is on location saying the location doesn't belong to employer and need to prove that the location is leased or shared location for State office B. Question is if the office B is considered as end client which is not mentioned in the original application? If the end client will be mentioned int eh RFE, will the application be rejected? we don't SOW or anythign written between two offices other than MOU. LCA was field under Computer - All other category for wage level 4 which doesn't say about the degree requirement and doesn't have job descriptions. Got the RFE to prove why the BS degree is required for this position. I can provide client letter about job but question is in the original application nothing is mentioned about end client. Attorney thought both the State agencies are treated as one entity. Any advise or recommendation is appreciated. I don't know hot the attorney will handle the RFE. I don't think they have any confidence in responding to RFE.