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  1. monbhandari

    Need help on H4 extension. Got into Theft misdemeanor

    Srimanth Could you tell how did the extension go? Thank you
  2. monbhandari

    Spouse H-4 extension and conviction

    Srimanth,How did the extension go?
  3. Do I have to disclose a larceny charge while filling i539 even before the court hearing?My criminal lawyer says she can get the case dismissed outright. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. monbhandari

    stamping with conviction on CIMT ??

    Hi Do I have to disclose a court hearing on 539 before the hearing has taken place or wait for the decision?The criminal lawyer I hired says she can get the case dismissed outright. Thank you
  5. monbhandari

    Administrative processing with Arrest record

    Hi Sim Could you post the outcome of your case please
  6. Piasin,Can you please update about your case!
  7. monbhandari

    misdemeanor Citation

    Hi , Can you please tell how did you proceed with this case?