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  1. Sid71

    H1B transfer RFE

    Hi,I got RFE for speciality occupation for H1B transfer and I have started the job now.Can I prepare a document to show few things in the system that I am going to perform that proves the complexity of the position? I haven't done much in the system but I can take examples from the system and create something. Also, should I include the reports, functional documents, presentations etc. from someone else in the team? Job type is FTE.Thanks for the help!
  2. Sid71

    H1B transfer RFE

    I was talking about my employer, attorney didn't know this yet but I was thinking if someone will have an idea about it.
  3. Sid71

    H1B transfer RFE

    We have already sent an education evaluation initially. How can I send CVs and diplomas when all my coworkers in my team are outside US? Thanks
  4. Sid71

    H1B transfer RFE

    Hi, I received H1B RFE query about speciality occupation for H1B transfer, what kind of documents do my employer need to prepare? Attorney has suggested below Detail job letter Organization chart CVs and Diplomas of colleagues The question is that all my colleagues are based outside US, would the CVs and diplomas of them would work as a proof also? If not, what could be an alternative? Please let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Sid71

    Travel to India with Approved H1B

    I think it's better not to travel until end of the year. I don't think you will be able to come back.
  6. Sid71

    H1B transfer

    Hi, If I transfer my H1B visa to new employer and start working on the receipt notice. Can I ask my existing employer not to revoke my visa until I get the H1B decision? Is it possible? If yes, how many days since it needs to be revoked? Thank for the help!