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  1. HI Experts, I just had my EB2 based interview. I am the derivative and my spouse got her GC. The officer told he would approve my case as it is a simple case of follow to join. But told that he does not have any visa numbers to give me as I am from india. He told he does not know when the numbers become available. what are my options now? my PD date is 2,sep 2006 and applied on Aug 3,2011. experts please advise on what i need to do now?
  2. My PD is Sep 2006, applied for AOS as derivative/spouse of EB2 approved primary. will I have to wait till Oct 2012 too or will I get my GC now?
  3. basu85

    i-485 interview

    Any updates? I have my interview in May...EB category. any tips will help thanks
  4. basu85

    July Bulletin: Lets track EB2 Approvals

    PD Sep 2006, i am the derivative, primary approved...applied Aug 3 2011(USCIS RD)....applied at NSC, case transferred to NBC on Dec 13th and on Dec 27th transferred to TSC to speed up processing... no updates after that....just waiting..called USCIS, told to wait...
  5. basu85

    July Bulletin: Lets track EB2 Approvals

    any updates? I am still waiting...
  6. guys, any updates on your case? Mine is still in the same initial review. please update or post any developments...
  7. so it took 6 months after transfer to TSC to get approved? how many SR's did you raise? what was your experience each time? I am in the same situation.
  8. ok, so somebody is in the same boat as me. in my case, file transferred from NSC to NBC on Dec 13th and from NBC to TSC dec 27th. received mail saying this on Jan 3rd. they said "to speed up processing we are transferring this file/application to TSC" nothing after that.
  9. Can anyone tell is this common practice? not even the uscis customer support is if any help...
  10. Anybody else in the same situations as I am in? Attorneys please shed some light on what is happening... thanks
  11. Thanks Ravikanth was it the same as in TSC to NBC to NSC? since its more than 5 months now since I applied and TSC is slower than NSC,(at least the processing dates on the web) was wondering how is it faster...and I am in Chicago area...it is under NSC jurisdiction. So did not understand the process. Anyways I dont care who approves as long as they approve the case. thanks for the wishes.
  12. can anyone please answer?
  13. Hello My Case details are as follows: I-485 applied on Aug 3 2011,I am the derivative.EB2, spouse already for the GC my case got transferred to from Nebraska SC to NBC, MO in Dec and yesterday got a letter stating it is transferred to TSC. The letter says, "This is to advise you that in order to speed up processing we have transferred the above case to the following office: TSC for processing" Any idea how long it will take and why the transfer? Is this normal practice? Attorneys please advice on what is happening. when looked up online the NSC processing time is 4 months, and TSC 6.1 months...how will this speed up my processing? also will 3rd jan be my new Receipt date for TSC since they received yesterday or will the original RD of Aug be effective? Please let me know if anybody is in similar situation or happened earlier to others. thanks for all the inputs... Basu
  14. no, i did not...i did get married in may and the dates got current in june...so may be that? anyways, if its interview...i wonder what they will ask? would appreciate any info/inputs here... thanks
  15. Can anyone please reply? thanks