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  1. Hi, The scenario is, my I-140 is still pending and I got married, applied and got my wife's H4 visa approved before the I-140 approval comes in. I-140 application doesnot contain the spouse information. Filed the I-140 when I was single. So, my questions are : 1. Will my wife be able to apply for H4 EAD once my i-140 Approval comes in? 2. If No, What steps to take to add her to my approved I-140 application? Please help out!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. In CPTs there were gaps. CPT to OPT there was a month gap. But from OPT to H1 there were no gaps, but the employer was the same throughout. So, should I enter each CPT(Summer, Fall and Spring) as separate employement, in the previous employement tab? CPT was done when I was not graduated. I have all the documents and offer letters.
  3. Thank you for your reply. In DS160 should I mention the CPT information as well in the previous employement tab? As I am working for the same employer from CPT to OPT to H1. I started full time job on OPT
  4. Hi, I got an approval for change of status from F1-CPT to H1. I successfully completed my masters degree. No illegal CPT done. I am a full-time employee. My Masters college was reputed one. I am planning to go to India for Visa Stamping, what should I take care of? Is there chances of me getting 221(g)? This is my first H1 stamping.
  5. Ani1970

    OPT Application

    @xTDx Thank you so much for your reply.
  6. @JoeF @pontevecchio Thank you so much for your replies and time. I am really sorry for replying so late. I am a Grad Student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. So, During summer I was not enrolled in any course work, only summer internship for 1 administrative credit. In fall my Full time CPT had 9 administrative credits, so it was a part of my coursework and it was directly related to one of subjects + I took 2 online courses worth of 6 academic credits In Spring I am doing Part time CPT remotely, meaning I am attending college and completing my degree requirements. So I might still be in trouble for my Initial OPT as well as H1-B application?
  7. Ani1970

    OPT Application

    Hi, I am about to submit my documents to USCIS for my Initial OPT. As I have done my Fall CPT in Colorado but my college is in Chicago, to meet the F1 requirements I took 2 online courses. The CPT was approved by the DSO and I have all the previous i-20s as well. So will this CPT be an issue and for that should I submit a proof of subjects I have taken in Fall or I should be fine? Please help!!
  8. Hi, How much time does it usually takes for USICS to send a notification via email or sms (I have filled G-1145 form) as well as i-797C for the initial OPT Application? Regards Animesh
  9. Ani1970

    Form i-765

    Hi, I have already sent out my application for my initial EAD. But I made couple of mistakes which I came to know a week after the form was sent. 1. Didn’t put “N/A” to the blocks that were not applicable to me. 2. Didn’t put a signature on the additional information page of the form. Every other information is perfectly correct. So, can my application be denied or a RFE be raised due to this? Thanks, Animesh
  10. Hi, I was doing an internship last summer, but my DSO entered the state of the employer as CA which actually was CO in my i-20. I asked the international center but they updated it in my new i-20 which I recieved for spring internship. Now my employer is applying for my H1 as well as OPT EAD will I be questioned for wrong information or what should I do? Regards Animesh
  11. I am studying in a known college and After 2 semesters you are allowed to do internships (CPT) which is not mandatory but it’s an opportunity to gain experience
  12. Hi, I am a graduated student and have completed full time CPT from 4th of June 2018 to 21st December 2018, and in my next semester(spring) I will be continuing as a part time CPT from 28th of Jan 2019 to 24th of April 2019. I came to US in August of 2017 and will be graduating in May of 2019. So will this CPT experience have any effect on My STEM OPT, as well as STEM OPT extension eligibility? Regards Animesh Patni
  13. Ani1970

    OPT and H1

    Hi, My opt extension is ending next year in May but My company is going to file for H1 one last time in April. So, Do i have to move back to India or can I be here on temporary status till I get an acceptance or denial for the application.