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  1. 1 - NO impact on the priority date. 2 - Cap exempt
  2. You are out of legal status and may have to leave the country ASAP, contact your employers attorney on the next steps.
  3. JaiTrump

    work remotely for US client

    Your payroll cannot be run in the US, however, you can contract with your US employer and get the money wired to India
  4. JaiTrump

    Maintaining H1 status on FMLA

    Talk to your employers attorney bro, not many know about FMLA and don’t rely on forums for legal advice
  5. JaiTrump

    H1B denied after RFE but I94 Valid - 2018

    You don’t seem to be loyal to your ABC employer, y do you want to apply with xyz and Jkl when you accepted ABC.? You are inviting trouble
  6. H1B transfer is scrutinized as a new petition, they don’t care about your perm status or past approvals. FAANG doesn’t guarantee an approval, just your credentials matter
  7. JaiTrump

    H1B extension approved and full time offer

    Too many factors can influence the decision on a petition, education, pay, job profile in relation to your education etc. You are the best judge of your situation, forums or google can only confuse you on personal decisions
  8. JaiTrump

    H1B Cap Exempt visa after RFE denial

    You can file again next year
  9. You can get the best answer from your attorney. Employer & employee relations can get subjective if you are working on multi level contracts with clients, multi-level vendors often sound like a resource staffing relationship which has been abused to the core. You may have good chances if your company has a SOW signed with the end client and not with in-between vendors.
  10. You can use the approved I-140 for H1B extensions. However, your previous employer can revoke the I-140 as the approval date is less than 6 months. You can still hold on to the priority date with the new employer.
  11. JaiTrump

    H1B beyond 6 years without I140

    How did you get your visa stamped without the approved petition? If you came in feb 2013 and your visa is valid till feb 2019, you have used your 6 years of H1, it is obvious that it’s not cap exempt. Are you so lost to realize this?
  12. What kind of employer are you working with? Log a complaint to USCIS, they usually keep your complaint confidential
  13. Will probably take another 6 months with current processing times.. i dont mean to scare you.. but, check processing times online
  14. JaiTrump

    Return to US on H1-B visa 5 days prior to expiration

    Check with your employers attorney, they do not recommend to travel while any extension petitions are pending.
  15. JaiTrump

    H1 B Visa stamping

    Ask your company and its attorney. You will probably will not need another visa stamp