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  1. Will you be able to work when it’s in process?
  2. kevin1177

    H1B Transfer Denied

  3. kevin1177

    H1B Transfer Denied

    What is your SOC code?
  4. kevin1177

    H1 Transfer RFE

    Since it’s a new employer, it should not matter. As long as your degree and experience matches with your new roles and responsibilities it shouldn’t be a problem. I believe your attorney will respond to it. Can you please share what are the exact RFE statements.
  5. kevin1177

    H1-B Transfer Filing while I am not in US

    Thanks for your response. So, when they approve without I-94, will i go immediately out of status though my current I-94 is valid till Mar 2020? Also, can I join Employer B on receipt in my case?
  6. I am working with Employer A and Employer B filed H1-B transfer (extension of status) when I went on vacation (Outside US). If my H1-B transfer is approved with Employer B, will i be getting physical i-94 card? (or) Do I need to go out of the country and get the new visa stamped? I am planning to Join Employer B on receipt.
  7. kevin1177


    Are you joining on receipt?
  8. Attorney is working on LCA. It will take a month to start. Have to join on receipt as it will take ages to get it approved in current scenario. No one will wait till that time.
  9. Planning to transfer in regular processing from FTE to FTE and joining on receipt.
  10. kevin1177

    Applied H1B, Got RFE and Application is been Denied

    what was the SOC code they applied? what are the evidence they asked?
  11. kevin1177

    Specialty Occupation - RFE

    FTE to FTE? Then why employee - employer relationship RFE? I am surprised wage level 4 ends up in RFE.
  12. What is your SOC Position? Computer programmer (or) Computer System Analyst?
  13. I am with Employer A and have valid visa till 2020. Employer B is going to file my H1-B transfer this month (September) and I need to travel to India in October and will be back to US on November. I am planning to come back and work for Employer A till my H1-B transfer to Employer B is approved (it might take several months). Will there be a problem at the port of entry? I am planning to get HR letter, payslips etc. Please advice.
  14. kevin1177

    Port of Entry during H1 Transfer

    Thank You..!!!
  15. I am currently with Employer A and have valid H1-B visa till Mar 2020. I am getting an offer from Employer B and if H1-B is approved i will get physical i-94 till Sep/Oct 2021. When this H1-B transfer process is in progress, i am planning to Visit India. When i come back in October, my H1-B transfer to Employer B would have been approved, but i might not have the new I-797 in hand at the port of entry. I am planning to join Employer B in November after serving notice period with Employer A. Do I have any issues in port of entry? I have valid visa with Employer A and i will work for Employer A for couple of weeks after returning from India. Based on my understanding the official can see two approved petition in his system. What will be my expiration date on I-94? Is there a problem when i go and work for Employer B after few weeks (serving notice period with Employer A) after my return?