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  1. AR @ Aurora

    I-94 Expired close to 1 year, H4 EAD and Visa valid till Jan 2019

    My current Visa extension till Jan 2019 was provided during 2016, based on the same I went to Indian and came back in August 2016 for a 4 weeks vacation. When we traveled my dependents passports had validity till 2017 August, Based on the same it looks they got I-94 period provided till passport expiry. But after coming back in 2017 I got new passports for them however fail to take a look at their I-94 assuming always their I-797 I-94 period which is Jan 2019. But in reality when we re-entered US at the POE the I-94 provided was only till August 2017 that had over ride the I-94 period in I-797 document. Also once I came back I applied for H4 EAD and got approval till Jan 2019. Not sure how this was given so? But the answer is it was provided by the I-797 document and they don't really look at I-94 it looks. Let me know your comments...
  2. Hello All, My H1 and I-94 Valid till Jan 2019. However my Spouse and Son I-94 expired 1 year by now due to their old Passport expiry and I come to know only when I was preparing their current H4 extension filing. Both of them have a valid visa till Jan 2019 and my Spouse got H4 EAD valid till 2019. Now, What's the possibility of my Spouse to continue her job, Mean while I will file for their I-539 to get the I-94 Fixed? Kindly guide.
  3. AR @ Aurora

    i-94 expired for dependent but I-797 Valid

    Hi Just went today to CBP department and USICS both sounded the same recommendation of filing i-539 with a justification letter. By getting a receipt both affected individual status will become legal as well they'll get 240 day contingency period.
  4. Hello All, Need guidance, my dependents i-94 expired in July & Sept 2017 which I did not realized, And only come to know now when I am submitting my H1B Extension request. My I-797 and I-94 valid till Jan 2019 Dependents I-797 is valid till Jan 2019, However their I-94 expired during July & Sept 2017. The reason I could see there i-94 date updated by system based on Passport expiry. Though they got their new Passport I did not thought about I-94 expiry and now its expired status. Kindly advice my next course of action. Thank you.