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  1. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    Hi. Got fav rec November 6. Took full 6 months since DOS received case. Now waiting for USCIS again.
  2. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    Congrats!!! Great news! still waiting on mine... how fast did website updated your status? looking back at forum it took few weeks.
  3. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    To my understanding you get DOS case number with DS 3035 submission.
  4. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    Hi patience17, USCIS received my case 7/2017, RFE 2/2018, Case went to DOS 5/2018, no change since then. You should log in to DOS and check status there. My USCIS profile wasn't updated since 2/2018, but DOS says that I612/613 received. Maybe they sent your case DOS , but didn't update USCIS status.
  5. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    Just looking back at the forum some people thought congressmen helped, but it may be just a coincidence. My reply sounded very standard - "will be reviewed as soon as possible". Waiting...
  6. J12018

    Hard ship waiver

    Did anyone hear back from DOS this summer? I612/I613 received by DOS May 09, 2018 and nothing since then. Contacted Congressman - his office sent two e-mails on my behalf, but standard reply. Wait is over 3 months already.