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  1. Hello Everyone, I moved to the US in July 2014 and my I94 is set as 31st Jan 2020. My employer is in the process of extending H1-B till the end of "Maximum Physical Stay" which is August 2020 [ Considering 6 years + Time spent outside US ] . Green card is also in process under EB-2 category, but in very early stages [ Wage determination ] and Attorney is confident that I will get my Perm/I-140 within August 2020. Since last couple of months, I am feeling low with my day-to-day activities as there are no opportunities to grow within my client. There are exciting opportunities within my employer but with different clients/cities. I am very interested to switch but concerned about what will happen to my Visa extension, Green card processing etc. Some of my questions, Is it wise to make a change while my H1-B is getting extended for the period Jan 31st 2020 [ I94 ] till August 27th 2020 [ Maximum Physical Stay ]. If I make a change while this is happening, I am sure there is a LCA change needed as well and concerned whether it will get rejected ? -Ashoka
  2. Hello, I am on H1B since July'2014 and works for a reputed IT organization as Agile Coach . Off late, I was thinking about working a freelance trainer. I am aware that its little hard/almost difficult to work 2 jobs while on H1B. I was wondering if I can work remote for an Indian training Institute as Freelance trainer ? I have few friends who were asking whether I could take up some training job during weekends ? I will earn in Indian Rupees which will be deposited to my India account ? I am paying taxes both in US and India. Let me know your thoughts ?
  3. Hello, I am changing projects/locations within the same employer and hence the LCA needs to be changed. However, my GC is in progress [ Wage decisions ] . I have some questions, 1. Is it risky to go for LCA transfer in the middle of GC processing ? What happens if I get RFE/Rejects on my LCA transfer ? Will there be a risk to GC ? 2. My I94 is valid till Jan 2020 and Maximum Physical stay upto July 2020 [ I came to the US in July 2014 ] . Do I need to apply for Visa extension till the Maximum physical stay now along with LCA transfer ? -Ashoka
  4. Hello, I came to the US on July 7th 2014, My GC process was initiated during October'2018 and as per my employer, its currently in PWD phase. As per the tentative timelines, I am expecting the PERM Draft copy available as on July'2020. Here are my questions, 1. I will finish 6 years in the US on 7th July 2020. During this time period, I was out of US for couple of months. My Visa stamping/I-94 date is 31st Jan 2020. While expending my H1-B for the Maximum Physical stay period, will it get extended till July 7th 2020 + 2 months ? 2. Once the PERM if filed, will there be any indications/communications to understand the current status ? or there wouldnt be any response till I either get approved/rejected ? 3. What will happen if I do not get my PERM till my Maximum physical stay, and I had to go back to India. Will the process continue and I can come back to the US ? -Ashoka Bhadrajapura
  5. Hello, I am sure that the answer to this question is tricky and may include more explanations, however I will still try it . Note that I work for a reputed MNC and recently applied the GC . Right now, its still with the Outside Legal [ After several months of Internal chasing etc ] . I am yet to get any response from the Outside Legal on when will they submit my application yet. The approximate timelines is somewhere around December'2018. I am yet to get any indication whether its going to EB-1 or EB-2. Here are my questions, 1. My I94 will get expired during the month of January - 2020, Maximum Physical stay is August'2020 . I am on my final extension [ Came to the US on July'2014 ] . Do you think that I have any possibilities to get the response within January - 2020 ? In terms of I-140 or anything... 2. My Company suggested that they can still go with this process If I am unable to get the required documents/approval post Jan'2020, Am I eligible/legal to stay post Jan'2020 ? My I-94 will get expired, but MPS is August'2020 I have close to 11 months of managerial experience in India before moving to the US. Here, I am leading multiple initiatives/projects. Do you think that I can be picked up for EB-1 ? Regards, Ashoka
  6. ashhokbl

    I94 Vs Maximum Physical Stay

    I am not sure how the Extension till August 2020 is possible when my H1-B gets expired on 31st Jan 2020. I referred August 2020 being my Maximum Physical stay considering that I was out of US for couple of months.
  7. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here, I work for a MNC IT Giant in the US. They have finally decided to apply my Green card, however I am on my last phase of my H1-B Visa and as per I-94 I can stay in the US till Jan 2020. I entered US in the month of July 2014 and went twice to India [ Vacations ] . When I checked with my Visa Team, they have informed me that my Maximum Physical stay is till August 2020 [ As I was out of US for close to 2-3 months ] . Questions. 1. Can I legally stay in the US till August 2020 [ Maximum Physical Stay ] or Jan 2020 [ I-94 Date ] ? 2. As the employer has stared the Green card processing and Its still getting reviewed Internally, Assuming If my application is picked for either EB-1 or EB-2 , If I do not get I-140 within my I-94 or MPS , Will the process still continue even after I leave the country ? In summary - all I wanted to know is when should I leave the country if my Green card doesnt go through - I94 or MPS ? Regards, Ashoka