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  1. ashhokbl

    PERM Approval faster due to cases being withdrawn?

    Hello, My PERM was filed in December'19 and approved on May 5th. The website that you referred is still showing as Pending, however my Attorneys have already submitted I-140. I do not think those websites have accurate data. During my PERM processing, I felt the same !!
  2. ashhokbl

    I-140 Expedite request

    Anyone applied I-140 Expedite request ? What are the odd chances of getting an approval within 2-3 months ? Please share.
  3. ashhokbl

    I-140 premium processing on hold and visa maxing out

    I may get into a similar situation in couple of months, my Visa is ending on August 28th and I am waiting for my PERM approved as well. However, I heard some of the companies offering/converting H1-B to B2 Visa [ Exceptional basis ] . This means that you cannot work, will not be eligible for Insurance and may get salary lower than what you are receiving.
  4. ashhokbl

    Perm Delays/pause due to Covid-19 ?

    Everyone, My PERM was applied last year December and I was given an approximate 3-4 months of Processing time for the PERM. I have been looking at the PERM Tracker sites [site removed] only to see my STATUS and expected time for approval changing every day [ It was showing April 1st and now May 8th ] . Is there a Delay/Hold due to the Covid-19 Situation ? I am completing my 6 years [ Maximum Physical Stay ] by the end of August and worried If I do not get my PERM decision by then. Also, which site is accurate in predicting the PERM processing time ? -Ashoka
  5. Hello Everyone, I moved to the US in July 2014 and my I94 is set as 31st Jan 2020. My employer is in the process of extending H1-B till the end of "Maximum Physical Stay" which is August 2020 [ Considering 6 years + Time spent outside US ] . Green card is also in process under EB-2 category, but in very early stages [ Wage determination ] and Attorney is confident that I will get my Perm/I-140 within August 2020. Since last couple of months, I am feeling low with my day-to-day activities as there are no opportunities to grow within my client. There are exciting opportunities within my employer but with different clients/cities. I am very interested to switch but concerned about what will happen to my Visa extension, Green card processing etc. Some of my questions, Is it wise to make a change while my H1-B is getting extended for the period Jan 31st 2020 [ I94 ] till August 27th 2020 [ Maximum Physical Stay ]. If I make a change while this is happening, I am sure there is a LCA change needed as well and concerned whether it will get rejected ? -Ashoka
  6. Hello, I am on H1B since July'2014 and works for a reputed IT organization as Agile Coach . Off late, I was thinking about working a freelance trainer. I am aware that its little hard/almost difficult to work 2 jobs while on H1B. I was wondering if I can work remote for an Indian training Institute as Freelance trainer ? I have few friends who were asking whether I could take up some training job during weekends ? I will earn in Indian Rupees which will be deposited to my India account ? I am paying taxes both in US and India. Let me know your thoughts ?
  7. Hello, I am changing projects/locations within the same employer and hence the LCA needs to be changed. However, my GC is in progress [ Wage decisions ] . I have some questions, 1. Is it risky to go for LCA transfer in the middle of GC processing ? What happens if I get RFE/Rejects on my LCA transfer ? Will there be a risk to GC ? 2. My I94 is valid till Jan 2020 and Maximum Physical stay upto July 2020 [ I came to the US in July 2014 ] . Do I need to apply for Visa extension till the Maximum physical stay now along with LCA transfer ? -Ashoka
  8. Hello, I came to the US on July 7th 2014, My GC process was initiated during October'2018 and as per my employer, its currently in PWD phase. As per the tentative timelines, I am expecting the PERM Draft copy available as on July'2020. Here are my questions, 1. I will finish 6 years in the US on 7th July 2020. During this time period, I was out of US for couple of months. My Visa stamping/I-94 date is 31st Jan 2020. While expending my H1-B for the Maximum Physical stay period, will it get extended till July 7th 2020 + 2 months ? 2. Once the PERM if filed, will there be any indications/communications to understand the current status ? or there wouldnt be any response till I either get approved/rejected ? 3. What will happen if I do not get my PERM till my Maximum physical stay, and I had to go back to India. Will the process continue and I can come back to the US ? -Ashoka Bhadrajapura
  9. Hello, I am sure that the answer to this question is tricky and may include more explanations, however I will still try it . Note that I work for a reputed MNC and recently applied the GC . Right now, its still with the Outside Legal [ After several months of Internal chasing etc ] . I am yet to get any response from the Outside Legal on when will they submit my application yet. The approximate timelines is somewhere around December'2018. I am yet to get any indication whether its going to EB-1 or EB-2. Here are my questions, 1. My I94 will get expired during the month of January - 2020, Maximum Physical stay is August'2020 . I am on my final extension [ Came to the US on July'2014 ] . Do you think that I have any possibilities to get the response within January - 2020 ? In terms of I-140 or anything... 2. My Company suggested that they can still go with this process If I am unable to get the required documents/approval post Jan'2020, Am I eligible/legal to stay post Jan'2020 ? My I-94 will get expired, but MPS is August'2020 I have close to 11 months of managerial experience in India before moving to the US. Here, I am leading multiple initiatives/projects. Do you think that I can be picked up for EB-1 ? Regards, Ashoka
  10. ashhokbl

    I94 Vs Maximum Physical Stay

    I am not sure how the Extension till August 2020 is possible when my H1-B gets expired on 31st Jan 2020. I referred August 2020 being my Maximum Physical stay considering that I was out of US for couple of months.
  11. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here, I work for a MNC IT Giant in the US. They have finally decided to apply my Green card, however I am on my last phase of my H1-B Visa and as per I-94 I can stay in the US till Jan 2020. I entered US in the month of July 2014 and went twice to India [ Vacations ] . When I checked with my Visa Team, they have informed me that my Maximum Physical stay is till August 2020 [ As I was out of US for close to 2-3 months ] . Questions. 1. Can I legally stay in the US till August 2020 [ Maximum Physical Stay ] or Jan 2020 [ I-94 Date ] ? 2. As the employer has stared the Green card processing and Its still getting reviewed Internally, Assuming If my application is picked for either EB-1 or EB-2 , If I do not get I-140 within my I-94 or MPS , Will the process still continue even after I leave the country ? In summary - all I wanted to know is when should I leave the country if my Green card doesnt go through - I94 or MPS ? Regards, Ashoka