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  1. newacct

    H4 EAD Unemployment Benfit

    I believe in most states they can.
  2. You mean you have been to Mainland China, Iran, the Schengen Area, the UK, or Ireland within the last 14 days? No, there is no exception for H1b people. But there is an exception to the ban if you are the spouse of a US citizen or permanent resident, or you are the parent of a US citizen or permanent resident child who is unmarried and under 21.
  3. newacct

    Recent travel experience during Corona Virus

    There are currently no restrictions on people who've been to India. There are only restrictions on people who've been to Mainland China, Iran, the Schengen Area, and (starting Mar 17) the UK and Ireland within the last 14 days. This also means that if you are traveling from India to the US, you do not want to transit through the Schengen Area or UK/Ireland.
  4. They can try to apply for extension.
  5. newacct

    Non-Immigrant Medicaid Question

    Benefits received by your child do not affect you. See USCIS Policy Manual volume 8 part G chapter 9 section A-8:
  6. newacct

    CA SDI during H1B and while GC in process

    There are no consequences. Disability insurance is paid for from disability insurance taxes.
  7. Neither I-134 nor I-864 is needed with I-130. I-864 (not I-134) will be needed later in the consular processing process, after the I-130 is approved.
  8. newacct

    GC holder(through employment) marry US citizen

    You qualify for naturalization under the 5-year rule if you've had a GC for 5 years. You qualify for naturalization under the 3-year rule if you've had a GC for 3 years, and you have been married to a US citizen for 3 years (i.e. you have been married to the same person for 3 years, and that person has been a US citizen for 3 years), which for you will be 2.5 years from now, which is later than when you would qualify under the 5-year rule.
  9. No. The rule is about inadmissibility, which is not relevant in naturalization. There is no impact on a green card holder, unless you leave the US for more than 180 days.
  10. newacct

    New 539 public benefits

    No. It's not among the types of benefits listed on the form.
  11. For US immigration purposes, a step-child is treated the same as a biological child if you married the child's parent before the child turned 18. There is no need to adopt the child.
  12. He can just submit his old US passport as proof of citizenship.
  13. newacct

    Applying with GC about to expire

    1. If you presented a green card when you did your I-9, your employer is not supposed to re-verify it when the card expires. A green card signifies permanent eligibility to work. If they are trying to re-verify, that is wrong and you can complain to the Immigrant and Employee Rights section (because presumably they are not reverifying the passports of citizens when they expire, so this is discrimination). To answer your question about what to show for I-9, you can also show them an unrestricted Social Security card (a List C document) plus a driver's license (a List B document). Or, if you have got an I-551 stamp from USCIS, you can show the I-551 stamp. 2. Get an I-551 stamp from the local USCIS office. That will be equivalent to a green card and allow you to re-enter the US. They might give you an I-551 stamp because you have a pending N-400 without you having to file I-90, or they might force you to file I-90 first since you applied for naturalization within 6 months of your card expiring. I am not sure which.
  14. newacct

    Approved I130-AOS-I485

    The amount of time the I-130 petition takes to approve and the wait for a visa number to become available are two different things. Even after the I-130 petition is approved, they will still not be able to immigrate until a visa number is available.