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  1. newacct

    Using public money while on H1B Visa

    The answer is No. Without a green card, you would not have been able to get any federally-funded Medicaid anywhere except for emergency treatment anyway.
  2. newacct

    Green Card expiring soon, stuck in India

    First, they can try to see if the airline will board them with an expired green card. Technically, the airline is allowed to board someone for travel to the US with an expired 10-year green card. See the CBP carrier information guide, page 28: And the I-131A page, under "Special Instructions": If the airline won't board them with expired green cards (and the airline probably won't), they will have to file I-131A with a US consulate to get a transportation letter (boarding foil), which costs $575.
  3. newacct

    Travel back when I -539 is still in process

    Yes, they can leave the US. Their Extension of Stay application will be automatically abandoned. There is no problem.
  4. 1. Yes, the baby can travel to the US as an immigrant without an immigrant visa, as far as the US government is concerned. However, if the airline might not let the baby board without a visa, in which case you would have to get a transportation letter from a US consulate. You do not need to file I-131A and do not need to pay a fee to get this transportation letter. 2. yes 3. not sure
  5. newacct

    Kid Visa Stamping - H4

    He is subject to the suspension of issuance of H/J/L visas until the end of the year, since he was not in the US on June 24, nor did he have a visa valid on June 24. However, the Department of State has announced that they may grant national interest exceptions to H4/J2/L2 dependent spouses and children where the principal worker is not subject to the ban.
  6. newacct

    Green card

    I think they are referring to the $220 USCIS immigration fee that someone who did Consular Processing has to pay before USCIS will mail the plastic green card.
  7. newacct

    Can we apply SSN for 14year old if one had I140

    The child is on H4? No, there is no EAD for H4 child. They cannot get SSN without being authorized to work.
  8. newacct

    Need advice on extension of stay

    They can apply for a 6-month extension of stay.
  9. newacct

    H1 - New Executive order

    Yes it does. Section 3(a) of the proclamation says: All 3 of (i), (ii), and (iii) must be true in order for the suspension of entry to apply. If any of the 3 are not true, then the suspension of entry does not apply. If the person was in the US on the effective date of the proclamation (June 24), conditions (i) is not true, so the suspension of entry does not apply. If there is no suspension of entry, then why can't they get a visa?
  10. People in any status can stay for as long as their Extension of Stay application is pending, without time limit. This is true for you on H1b, them on H4, or anyone else in any other status. You may be confusing that with the 240-day extension of employment authorization for people getting an extension of work status. There is no extension of employment authorization for your H4 dependents because their status does not by itself authorize them to work.
  11. You only have at most one status at a time. If you filed I-539 for Change of Status to F1, then if that is approved, you will get a new I-94 which puts you in F1 status, and you will not be in H4 status anymore. You will need an I-20 from your university to apply for Change of Status to F1. Note that getting an I-20 by itself does not change your status; only approval of Change of Status changes your status. I'm not sure about the in-state tuition issues.
  12. No. (That's the whole point of Automatic Revalidation.)
  13. newacct

    EAD to H1B Change of Status

    If the Change of Status was approved, you should have gotten an I-797A which contains a new paper I-94 for H1b status in the corner. If so, then your current status is H1b. It doesn't affect your AOS.
  14. Yes, you can continue renewing H1b. No, it won't cause any problems.
  15. newacct

    H1 - New Executive order

    You can come back, because the ban doesn't apply to people who were inside the US on June 24. The ban only applies to people who meet all of the 3 conditions: 1) was outside the US on June 24, 2) didn't have a visa valid on June 24, AND 3) doesn't have some other travel document allowing them to travel to the US. If any of those 3 are false, the ban doesn't apply.