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  1. Hello reader, Recently I received my Form I-797A Notice of Action, however I noticed that there is a small error in my first name: My first name consists of two words and there are two characters missing from the second word of my first name. E.g. Instead of ABCDE PQRS, it is printed as ABCDE PQ. I realized this mistake was made by us when filing the original I129 petition and is not a mistake on USCIS' part. We have already contacted USCIS regarding the issue and have a referral number regarding the same, however, I am quite worried and have a few questions: 1. Is it that big of a deal since it's only a matter of two characters? 2. Would we be required to file a new I-129 petition with the correct first name (read: amend the first name) and does this new petition go through the same review process (which introduces chances of rejection)? 3. Can I appear for my VISA interview while my new amendment petition is in process? Thank you very much for your reply.