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  1. Shilp

    Fired Because I am on my CPT

    Well I have been attending classes and working as well and my job was not arbitrary, I was working on my CPT with legal documents and the work I am doing is directly related to what I am studying. Well according to USCIS, you can work on CPT for 40 hours but not less than 20 hours. They signed my co-op agreement so I am fine:)
  2. Hello, I wanted some suggestion regarding a situation. So I was hired by a staffing agency to work for a company on temp basis on my CPT and was converted to full time by the company. Since when you are on your CPT, you need to get a Co-op document signed which is submitted to the university to receive work authorization. When I went to the HR to get this document signed she was not aware that I was on my CPT and she did not know what CPT is, on the other hand, my staffing agency knew about it from day 1. Since my I9 was not completed with the company which converted me to full time (because they did not sign the co-op and I did not submit it to the university to get work authorization) I was asked to leave work on personal leave by the HR so that she could further discuss with her seniors. its been 2 weeks and I have not heard back from them. I wanted to know if its legal to fire me because I was on my CPT when my staffing company knew about it from the day I joined. Please advise as to what can I do in this situation. I am on my F1 visa right now. I wanted to know if they can fire me just because they did not know about me being on CPT even though the employment is at will basis and what are my options?