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  1. satya2k1

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    I think, the may denial reason is this question " VO: Are you employed right now ? Me: Yes sir I am employed by XXX Inc in bay area pursuant to H4 EAD but I am on leave right now." Because, there is so much heat going on for H4-EAD, and in future it may be revoked. If your wife had answer this question, as no intention for work but just to join my spouse,, it would have been different. You can think about plan B: you both go for visa stamping together and refrain from using H4-EAD, or plan C: have a kid and get H4 visa as a dependent. Just my two cents.
  2. satya2k1

    Eb3 Downgrade issue

    Check with your attorney, if you have used an attorney to file 485.
  3. satya2k1

    Online Masters Degree

    if you are planning to complete Master's program with only online classes, then you will not get F1 or OPT. Usually, executives (working people), use online courses and programs for continuing education for their career and for eligibility for promotions at their work place. If you are truly interested in learning subject and gain knowledge, it is better to go for on-campus programs at a university. I don't think master's degree with online education is qualified for H1-Advanced degree quota.
  4. satya2k1

    University of Farmington

    If you have registered in this university and had a SEVIS record, it will haunt you in the future also. if you are lucky, you might get around it. Good luck. Read yesterday Murthy's article on main page.
  5. You might have read in lot of threads and forums..,, you will be risking your future if you work on day 1 CPT.. That is abuse of CPT program. I would suggest to stay on H1B through extension and amendment, talk to you employer to file proper documents and close all loose loops especially specialty occupation, client letter and Employer-Employee relationship. then you will get H1B approval.
  6. Hi Joe, Isn't it true that H4 person can volunteer at a non-profit organization?
  7. Without work authorization you cannot start working. However, you can work as GA or TA (volunteer), but you cannot get paid without work authorization. If you are on H4, do you even have a SSN? You can work as GA or TA and get paid, if you have H4-EAD.
  8. satya2k1

    Options to stay in US after STEM OPT denied

    Find an employer to file your H1B in April..and hope that premium processing is available and your H1 is approved.
  9. satya2k1

    H 4 EAD Application

    1. Hand written or printed, letter should be legible with original signature. 2. Check instructions again.. the filing center is depend on where you live not previous petition 3. If you are not comfortable doing yourself, then hire an attorney...but attorney is not mandatory 4. Follow instructions, if they have anything to write on back of photos. I would not make any pen lines impression on the photos.
  10. satya2k1

    H 4 EAD Application

    Check out the I-765 form instructions for basic documents and supporting documents. Instructions are very clear. Do your homework first instead of asking on forums. 2. Regarding I-140 approval notice, you can request a copy from the USCIS if your employer is not providing one. How can you trust an employer if they are not sharing information pertaining to you. 3. Yes, you need to submit both old and new passport information pages. Doesn't hurt to note "old passport" and "new passport" on the top of the copies and highlight expiration date on old passport.
  11. satya2k1

    H-4 EAD eligibility with I-140 withdrawn

    I agree with Joe... people post their opinions here based on their personal experience or others. It is not gospel. Every case is different, so If you like to get a confirmed/legal answer then you have to ask an attorney.
  12. satya2k1

    Workng in H4EAD but H1 Approved with ACS

    And if you come back on H4 visa, then your H1 status is gone and you will be back on H4. You cannot have two status at same time... you are technically on H1 status right now with approved COS. currently, If you are working for a different employer other than H1 petitioner, then you are working illegally unless your H1 validity start date is in the future date.
  13. Hi Subash, If you are not in the USA, then you don't have a status abroad. As you know, H4 is totally H1 dependent.. so if you don't have a status then there is no H4 status either. If you are planning to leave the country, my recommendation is to take dependents with you, it is very unfortunate, or your dependents can apply for B2 status, but again your kids cannot attend school on B2 status. 1. No, your spouse will not have a status to stay in USA if primary H1 is not present in USA. 2. NO 3. potential problem 4. Refer to my explanation above.. if you are not living in USA then yoru H4 dependents will not have a status, and they will be accruing illegal stay status. This is my personal opinion, you should discuss this with an attorney to get a better picture.
  14. satya2k1

    Client letter with 1 month validity

    unfortunately, you will get H1 approval until FEb 2019..if you get approval by then. If your petition still pending after Feb 2019, then your petition might be rejected/denied, or again you might get another RFE.
  15. satya2k1

    OPT I-765 Denial

    consult an attorney, and discuss your case.
  16. satya2k1

    STEM OPT Extension

    Bad luck Sid... Try your best to get a job and apply for OPT ext. and meanwhile work with an employer so that they can apply for your H1 in April.
  17. satya2k1

    OPT Denial Possibility due to continuous CPT

    If you have worked on CPT for more than 364 days, then you are not eligible for OPT... so, if you want to apply for OPT later, you should not work more than 364 days on CPT. Make a decision.
  18. satya2k1

    Changing from CPT to Pre - OPT

    If your internship starts in summer, then I suggest to apply for your OPT as early as possible( with an assumption that you will graduate in May)..in this way there won't be any gap between your CPT and OPT. I strongly suggest to apply for OPT before 364 days of CPT ends, don't wait till end of 11th month. If, as Joef mentioned is true, then your OPT will be denied.
  19. satya2k1

    f1 interview 2nd attempt

    I see a probable reason why they rejected your F1 visa... If your husband graduate in Aug 2019, and coming back after graduation,, and if you are going there on F1 for 2 years study, then you both will be separated again because your husband will be back in India after graduation and you will be in USA. Talk to your manager and ask them to apply for your H1 in April, and then go to USA on H1...it is the better option for both you and your husband.
  20. satya2k1

    STEM OPT Extension RFE

    Did you check your company name and E-verify number on the E-verify.gov website? If the information matches, then take a print out with URL and send with the RFE response.
  21. satya2k1

    I 485 filing - URGENT - PLS RESPOND AND HELP

    your 485 application should be received by USCIS by no later than Jan 31st, to be considered as January filing.
  22. Just follow instructions for each application form, and attach individual copies for each application. Don't assume that documentation related to one petition will be copied over to the other application, even both documents are same...such as passport information copies.. You need this for each application..so attach with each application. You need total of 6 photos... doesn't hurt if you send more. Again,, I would attach 2 photos for each application, instead of all 6 photos in a cover.
  23. When your new employer file H1, they specify employment dates.. Your new H1 will be valid till the date that your employer provide in the petition. You can get H1 extension based on previous approved 140, however, your new employer have to start GC processing from the beginning to get your GC.
  24. satya2k1


    Hi Joe, Is there a published document that USCIS does not approve OPT if a candidate was on CPT for more than 12 months? I am just curious.
  25. Hello Friends, I filed 485 along with SuppJ. I have received receipt notice for 485 form, but not for SuppJ. Does USCIS send 485 SuppJ receipt notice to all applicants? can anyone throw some light? Thanks in advance.