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  1. When your new employer file H1, they specify employment dates.. Your new H1 will be valid till the date that your employer provide in the petition. You can get H1 extension based on previous approved 140, however, your new employer have to start GC processing from the beginning to get your GC.
  2. satya2k1


    Hi Joe, Is there a published document that USCIS does not approve OPT if a candidate was on CPT for more than 12 months? I am just curious.
  3. satya2k1

    Possible to work on H1B Transfer after 240 days?

    It's better to check with an immigration attorney. I assume that your I-94 is expired.
  4. Hello Friends, I filed 485 along with SuppJ. I have received receipt notice for 485 form, but not for SuppJ. Does USCIS send 485 SuppJ receipt notice to all applicants? can anyone throw some light? Thanks in advance.
  5. satya2k1

    485 Supp J Receipt Notice

    Hi, I am a non-IT full time employee and I described duties as working on projects towards meeting the company's goals and vision.. and explained what those projects are and what my roles in those projects.
  6. satya2k1

    H1 Extension Denied - Please Help

    Talk to your employer and they will take care of another petition or MTA. You cannot file H1 petition, your employer have to do that.
  7. satya2k1

    H4 visa

    She can attend, but chances of getting H4 visa are slim. It is better to go for visa stamping with longer H1 validity approval.
  8. satya2k1


    Your dependents are allowed stay with, because H4 is dependent on H1 primary. If it is less stressful for you and your family, I suggest to send them home country and when you get your H1 approval, they can come back on new H4 visa. If, God forbidden, your H1 is not approved, then you and your family will be in trouble after 240 days.
  9. I-94 shows the admission class and date till the status is good. Once you stop working for an employer, your H1 is gone and you don't have any status, even though the website shows active H1, if you don't have status there is no I94 date. H4 is totally dependent on H1, since you are out of US your wife's H4 is not valid and she does not have any status now. However, since her H1 application in process she can stay legally in US until her H1 is approved, but she cannot work on H4 status now. If she is working now on H4, ready to face some RFE questions.
  10. You are eligible to work on approved H4 EAD notice that showing validity date, unless your H4 EAD is revoked by the USCIS.
  11. It is better to file DS160 after your marriage, with martial status as Married. Regarding occupation, just put in "unemployed". There is no designated occupation as homemaker for spouse.
  12. satya2k1

    H4 EAD Premium processing

    No premium processing available for EAD. Usually you are looking between 3 and 9 months for EAD approvals depending on case and location.
  13. satya2k1

    RFE in OPT extension

    HI Ramya, It is pretty clear in the RFE what documents are needed. I-983 Employment letter stating your duties, title, pay rate etc., copies of pay stubs, and W2s.
  14. satya2k1

    Opt issue

    Monica, You need to check with your university DSO about your OPT eligibility. As per F1 rules, you need to be a full-time student for at least a year to be eligible to get OPT. Since, you did not get your initial OPT from your first university, you might be eligible for OPT from the second university. But, as I said, you need to check with your college DSO. Good luck.
  15. satya2k1

    Simultaneous H1B application and H4+EAD

    Yes, the last action rule apply. You are on right track.
  16. satya2k1

    H1B RFE on F1 OPT Unemployment and OPT Status

    It is my understanding that student on OPT should not be out of work for no more than 90 days. That's what my DSO told me when I enrolled in OPT.
  17. satya2k1

    Returning to US

    No need to wait for 1 year, or have to go through lottery. Your employer have to file a petition for your H1 extension based on approved I-140, and upon approval you can enter the US with your existing valid visa in passport. If you don't have a valid visa in your passport then you have to go for stamping.
  18. satya2k1

    Fired Because I am on my CPT

    I don't think anyone on this forum is obligated to take members' response/advice and act on it. This forum is mostly for informational purpose only.. and learn latest hurdles in H1, H4, F1, CPT, OPT that many in similar situations are facing these days.
  19. satya2k1

    Opt extension rejected and cannot start H1b

    Yes, there are so many ways to get around immigration in this country, with so many loopholes.. You were fortunate because your petitioning employer agreed to brought you onboard... not everyone in this situation will have that luck. I am Happy for you, and things worked out in your favor.
  20. satya2k1

    Will OPT be approved on revoked F1 visa?

    You better check with an immigration attorney.
  21. satya2k1

    Afraid my STEM OPT will get denied

    I would suggest to go with an attorney and refile your EAD application. They can provide a better supporting documentation and justification.
  22. Hi Suraj, You have less chances of getting F1 stamping, as you have finished your program, and also first OPT. Moreover, you have applied for H1b which shows your dual intent whereas, F1 is strictly for non-immigration intent. I would suggest to travel after you get your H1 approval and then go for H1 stamping.
  23. I believe you have to be enrolled full-time while you were maintaining F1 status.. OPT is for given for students on F1 status usually.. I do not know if OPT is available for J2 program. It is better to get more information from reliable sources.
  24. Hi, change of status from H4 to F1 is a tedious task.. easy way is to get an F1 visa. But if your spouse is working on H1 and he has a dual intent of immigration, it would be tough for your to justify non-immigrant intent to get F1 visa at consulate. Revocation of H4-EAD is in news for the last 2 years. At this point, it is just a proposal and it has to go through public review. Even if the government revoke H4-EAD, there would be lot of lawsuits prop up from different faces of groups and communities, similar to DACA. I suggest, if you are eligible for H4-EAD, apply right away.
  25. Agree with Noah,,, Non-immigrant intent is a big issues for F1 stamping. Moreover, you have applied for H1 which shows a dual intent. Your wife has to show strong ties, and good reason to go back to home country to get a F1 visa.