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  1. how can you apply for your own H1B ext?? Check with your employer and attorney.
  2. RFE

    Agree with Centepede... But individuals can do some research by own interest to be aware of these things and convey information to employers.
  3. Your employer should ve revoked H1B when there is no project.
  4. good sign dude... your case is moving forward and may be approved soon.
  5. Find a new employer and ask them to apply for your 3 years H1 extension based on previous approved I-140, and once you get the H1 approval notice go for H1 stamping in India.
  6. Not completely true. If your position requires a Bachelor's degree and pay atleast prevailing wages either level 1 or 2, doesn't matter, for that position then you should be good. But usually in IT consulting world, minimum wages are higher than regular full-time entry-level position jobs with Bachelors degree working for level 1 wages.
  7. if you have an I-94 with status validity dates, show them your I-94. Usually, DMV check for status on a different portal which is also a part of USCIS, and if they don't see dates then they raise a query with that portal to verify validity. Portal is Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE) , google it. It happened to me. My H1 extension dates were not updated so they issued a temporary license and when they got confirmation of new dates they sent me new license to home.
  8. RFE

    It's simple, does the job require a bachelor's degree to perform duties?? Check the job title and responsibilities, and gather evidence from other genuine companies with similar job titles and submit as evidence, Also check the Dept of labor handbook for job titles and requirements.
  9. Hi friend, You are not alone that struggled due to fake candidates.. there are a lot of people like you. You are only like a droplet in a bucket. I am not criticizing you, but you have to be brave and prove your potential to get to a better position.
  10. Ankur, CPT is provided based on your curriculum requirements. If your academic curriculum requires you to obtain practical training then only you will get CPT, otherwise you won't. Time period of CPT also depends on your curriculum requirements.
  11. If your STEM extension is rejected, you may stay till your I-94 expiration but there maybe consequences in the future. Other option is to enroll as a student on F1, extend your SEVIS record with new I20.
  12. this forum is to discuss F1 and other non-immigration matters, but not for technologies and IT field.
  13. If your employer is not willing to sign Supplement J, then you have to wait to file your AOS until you qualify as per conditions in PERM.
  14. My previous response is based on assumption that you have I-140 approved from current employer.
  15. yes, you can file AOS by yourself. however, your employer need to sign the Supplement J form which states your proffered position and wages etc. in line with your PERM which was filed by your employer.