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  1. the same policy should also apply for staffing and consulting companies to recruit USC and LPRs first.. otherwise, it does not make any sense.. and also F1 rules should be changed. It used to be 1 yr of OPT after the college, but now 3 years of OPT after college and this is the main reason for all these troubles. Some shady consultancies are taking advantage of students and working through these loopholes. Another issue is consulting companies exploiting students.. so only Employers with real work onsite work should be eligible for petitioning H1 for employees, not placement companies and staffing companies. They can find USCs and LPRs and they are not eligible to file H1 petitions.
  2. satya2k1

    Client letter Requirement

    Have your employer response to the RFE. They can get the client letter, you don't have to be involved.
  3. satya2k1

    Porting EB2-NIW priority date for EB1B

    You should get advise from attorney on this.. because EB2 -NIW is a self petition..where as EB1B is based one employment. Two different things.
  4. Yes. You can port the priority date from previous employer's petition to new employer.
  5. satya2k1

    Supp J RFE on NIW EB2,

    Hi gupta, I don't think it would harm to send a suppJ form, but don't send partially filled. Fill out the form correctly, and fill in fields with "Not Applicable" where appropriate, and sign the form and include a cover letter explaining why those fields are NOt Applicable with Part #, Section #
  6. satya2k1

    3 Job Offers

    I don't understand why people are so skeptic about h1B process. USCIS haven't changed a thing in their H1B approval policy, earlier they use to be very leisure and approved h1Bs without checking credentials, but now they are following their policy strictly and thoroughly going through each and every step/document. If your priority is to get H1B approval then go with the company that can provide all required documentation such as client letter, SOW and all relevant documents for your H1B then you sure will get h1B. also, make sure that your qualifications and education meets job requirements. Don't do gambling with h1B, it might jeopardize the whole thing.
  7. satya2k1

    H1B - Canada PR

    If you have valid H1B visa in passport, and a valid I-797 from a new employer, you don't need a B2 visitor visa. you can travel on H1B visa with new I-797. Don't go for B2 visa, B2 status is not eligible for work authorization.
  8. Hey Joe, I know what you are saying.. i have been through those interviews at University job fairs 3 times, and no company offered a position.. but they offered position to some US citizen student who has less GPA than me.. because I am an international student. And more over employers do not have to go through the hazzle of H1B petition filing etc., if they hire US citizen. That's why many students go with EVC model employment..
  9. satya2k1

    Sevis Termination

    What do you mean they are not responding? Don't you go to college to attend classes?? Go talk to them directly and pay the fee.
  10. satya2k1

    I94 renewal

    Guddi, You have to cross the border and enter with new I-94 before Jan 2019. or other option is to apply for extension of status (I-539).
  11. how soon means...like you have already done yesterday... You are already out of status..and you are increasing risk of future immigration.
  12. Sorry to hear that transfer got denied. Since the transfer is denied, you don't get any grace period and you are already accruing days on out of status. If you don't find a new employer immediately, it is best to leave the country and find an employer to file your H1 while you are in your home country. I assume, you have a valid H1B visa in your passport. If yes, then you don't have to go for stamping again, and you can use that visa with new approved petition to enter the USA.
  13. satya2k1

    H1 amendment

    Yes, your employer can file an amendment for the new project location. However, there are chances of getting an RFE on this amendment based on previous amendment filing.
  14. satya2k1

    Need urgent help

    Note that things have changed since 11th of this month. Your employer have to get attorneys advise on how to proceed in your case. Because, if there are any missing documents the petition can be denied right away without any RFE. It's my opinion that, your amendment should be approved first because this is base for your transfer to the current client, and then extension comes into picture.
  15. satya2k1

    H1B - Canada PR

    1. As soon as you leave the employer, your H1status is gone. But if you have valid H1B visa in your passport, that can be still use the visa in future to enter the USA with an approved H1 petition from a new employer. 2. I believe, your h1B will be cap exempt for extension based on approved I-140.