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  1. satya2k1

    Driving Ticket

    Don't worry about traffic ticket, unless it is a DUI or more severe offense. Speeding and careless driving tickets have no major impacts on immigration. You are good. Regarding fighting the ticket, it is upto you. You want to pay $85 and leave it behind, or pay more $$$ for attorney fees and your time, travel to NJ and loss of pay at work to clear the ticket.
  2. satya2k1

    RFE new rule

    employer have to submit proper documentation showing proper work for their employees in form of client letters, scope of work, contract documents etc. Without these materials, H1B petitions may get denied right away.
  3. mehopeful might be right... Because your wife is dependent, and if you are not in the US then she cannot depend on others.
  4. satya2k1

    OPT - Planning to travel India, Advice needed.

    At port of entry pay package is not important, what's important is the status in which your brother is traveling, and how long is the validity on OPT?
  5. satya2k1

    Traveling to Canada on expired H1B but valid I-797A

    If you have a valid I-94, I-797 from H1 recent approval (1/2018) with Employer A, then you don't a visa stamp to reenter the USA from Canada.
  6. satya2k1

    Traveling to Canada

    You need to submit your current legal status in USA document when applying for Canada tourist visa. Do you have a valid status document? H1 or H4. If your i-94 and I-797 are expired and in the process of extension or renewal, it is highly unlikely that you will get Canadian tourist visa.
  7. if your wife has a valid visa then she can travel with kids to the USA.
  8. satya2k1

    H1 to H4 approved after requested date

    I am not sure what good happens by informing USICS about working during EAD approval process. Technically speaking, your spouse is not suppose to be working until he/she receive the H4-EAD approval. She was not out of status but she had unauthorized work for 1 month.
  9. Do you have a valid visa stamp in your passport until July 2019? or your H1 approval notice (I-797) valid till July 2019? If you already have a visa stamp in your passport then you cannot go for stamping again. If you don't have a visa stamp then you can go, otherwise how can you enter the USA without a visa stamp in passport?
  10. When your employer requests for extension, they should submit the basis for their request. If it is purely recapturing time that you were not present in the USA, then you have to provide evidence that you were not in country for those 5 weeks. Most probably, the USCIS will deny your H1B if they adjudicate your petition. Because, if your employer submit your H1 application now, it takes atleast 3 to 4 months to get adjudicated, which means around October 15th, by that time your 5 weeks recapture is also done. If USCIS takes my extension (normal processing) a little later, say by Oct 2018, will they reject the extension because maxout is over? In that case, will they consider my stay from Aug 23 - Sep 28 as illegal? Or will they just abandon my extension processing request? You have to leave the country immediately even before you get a Notice to Appear. As per new policy, USCIS will issue a NTA when petitions are denied. If my extension is put in RFE between 8/23 and 9/28, I will not have sufficient time for re-submission. In this scenario, what will I have to do? Will they consider my stay from Aug 23 - Sep 28 as illegal? Less chances of getting RFE between 8/23 and 9/28, if you do, and you don't have enough time, then you have to leave the country immediately. Regarding illegal stay, it depends on how you convince the office at the time of re-entry, you need to have solid proof that you did not stay illegally. If you do not have any intention of staying after H1B, then why would you risk the future entry? If you leave on time, then you will save money and also no risk when you come back next time.
  11. satya2k1

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    No effect of low credit score on H1 visa stamping.
  12. submit a new H4 application based on your husband's current valid H1B.
  13. satya2k1

    Is it a good time now to apply for H4 EAD

    Hi Bhavana, At this point, it is still uncertain on H4-EAD revocation. Public will have 60 days to comment on the proposal, and it takes another 1 to 2 months for DHS to approve the rule and publish in register. The best bet that can come out of the proposed rule is DHS may propose to end accepting H4-EAD new and renewal applications from a certain date, and H4-EADs which are valid continue to be valid until expiry date. And, after expiry date no more renewals. This is just my opinion, which is similar to what happened with DACA program. I heard in other forums that there will be several lawsuits if DHS ends H4-EAD.. so it is very uncertain at this point. You can also change to H1 status next year.
  14. She should have got I-20 endorsed from her school DSO for travel and endorse employer name. I don't see any issue, because she was sent back to India after denying entry from Dubai., If you have proper H1 documents, and with valid marriage proof she should be able to get H4 visa. I suggest that you both go for stamping together on same day instead of separate stamping.
  15. satya2k1

    H1B amendment denial and H4 visa stamping

    There shouldn't be any issue, if you are still with your employer and getting pay with valid I-797. VO might ask your spouse for your recent pay stubs, just a note.