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  1. Guls90

    H1B stamping and DUI

    Hello Everyone Here. I have question regarding H1B petition itself with a DUI. I’m on ARD currently which will end in September this year and subsequently charges will be dismissed. My Manager knows about all of this and agreed to file a H1B petition for me. My question is if I get picked in lottery, will there be an RFE regarding my arrest? I know it will obviously cause some trouble during stamping if I get approved, but that is not my concern right now. Since all of you have gone through that first step of getting approved by USCIS, can any one please share their experience with USCIS? Thanks for your input.
  2. Guls90

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Did you get your case resolved before applying for opt extension? I just got a DUI, on initial OPT, extension due in Feb 2019, ghost arrested, realeased soon after submitting fingerprints! Officer still waiting on BAC report to press any charges (I’m sure it will be above permissible limits). Consulting lawyer as well, but any input from previous cases will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.