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    H1B Requests for Evidence (RFEs)

    Hello, My wife's employer did not amend the LCA to mention the home location as an intended place of work. She now received an RFE on the same. Her employer says that they are not going to respond back to the RFE. Facts: 1. Pay stubs were generated with the address showing our residence for the past 3 years. 2. Client letter clearly states that my wife will be working from remote location( home location) 3. My children have their H4 with my wife's H1. 4. Her I-94 expired a couple of months ago and a an extension was filed. Questions: 1. Can I get my children on my H1 as H4 dependents? Will they have to go out of the country for visa because their I-94 expired? 2. Can I get my wife on my H1 as an H4 and do a change of status while her Extension is being processed? If yes, can I file for her H4 EAD? 3. Will they be treated as out of status (illegal presence) if her H1 is denied? Thanks.