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  1. Hi, Can someone please guide me on the current H1b stamping process in India. Traveling to India after 8 years and H1b extension is approved. Getting h1b stamped for the first time. Any inputs or resources will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. sg2018

    Travelling to India after 7 years

    Hi All, I need your valuable inputs on deciding whether to go to India based on my situation and also considering the risk factor. Arrived in US on H4 visa in 2011, swtiched to F1 in 2012, started H1b in 2015 and presently on an approved H1b extension and working with a US company. I havent been back since 2011 and have switched visas in between. I really want to go now but I am nervous about stamping. Please suggest. Thanks.
  3. 1) Can COS from H1b to H4 be filed in premium processing ? 2) Has anyone filed for an H1b extension through premium processing at Nebraska Center ? Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks !