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  1. rohan2018

    L1 L2 Extension with EAD

    Hi, I am on L2 visa in US and have a valid EAD. Me and my spouse are applying for L1, L2 extenstion and L2 EAD extension together in a single application. We are weighing the option of applying under premium processing. Case 1) Applying without premium processing: If I need to travel out of US while all 3 applications are in progress, will it affect my L2 EAD application. Case 2) Applying with premium: L1 and L2 extension may get approved in shorter time than EAD. If I travel out of US once the L1 and L2 extension is approved and EAD approval is still pending - will it affect my EAD application? Appreciate your advice and time! Thanks.
  2. Hi, My mother has traveled to US on 1st Nov 2018 on a B2 Visa. Her visa expires on 1st April 2019. But her I94 states Admit Until Date : 04/30/2019. She is planning to travel back to India on 25th April. 1. Will her stay beyond 1st April be considered valid even though her Visa has expired? 2. In future, will there be any problem when she applies for a new B2 Visa in India? 3. Will there be any problem if she has to re-enter US in future on a new B2 visa? Appreciate your advice and time! Thanks.
  3. rohan2018

    L2 EAD received RFE

    I came to US in Feb 2018 along with my spouse. I am on L2 visa. I applied for EAD under A-18 category. I got a RFE notice to submit below documents. Principal's current status: copy of employees current pay records, employment verification letter, federal income tax returns, W-2s We can submit pay stubs and employee verification letter for my spouse, but she has not filed for income tax returns and W-2s as we came to US in Feb 2018. What should be the response for these?