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  1. Hello, I have a F4 GC petition. My father is the beneficiary and I am the dependent. We have recently received welcome letter and I want to know how to get Police Clearance Certificate? Situation: I am currently in US on Student Visa (Located in Maryland). My parents are in India. They have completed their process to get PCC. I want to know how do I initiate this process, since I am not in India. My plan is to go for "change of status" when our visa number becomes current. Please explain the process and list of required documents. Thank you!
  2. Greetings, My parents (citizenship- India) have F4 category green card filed (My uncle in Chicago filed). The priority date is Feb 28, 2005. I am a dependent and I will also be part of the process when the date become current. Situation: Our file was initially got delayed by USCIS by 4 years. For instance, it was filed in Feb 28, 2004 and got first correspondence in May 18, 2009, having said that- I am 24years old, unmarried and as per the gov policy- I will be eligible util I turn 25 (I get 4 years of grace period because of the delay, as stated above) Q: I am currently in USA on F1 visa. I would like to know when can I expect for the F4 GC application to become current and the process with NVC will start? - As per the visa bulletin for August 2018, it shows Feb 01, 2005 is currently processing. Q: Since I am on the time crunch(In reference to age) I want to know in your opinion, what would be the chances for me to get the GC? Q: Please advise about the following process once the priority date become current. Q: Any advantage for me for being in the States when we file I-485/ NVC - to expedite the process for change of status? I appreciate your time and advise. Thank you!