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  1. J1disease

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    I know right! We desperately need a cure. Wow... around 10 months of wait! I thought 5 was bad 😕 Looks like it's best that i start considering other routes to get J1 waiver or non-immigrant visa!
  2. J1disease

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Oh well! Perhaps this warrants contacting your Congressman? It doesn't look like USCIS is giving your application the attention it deserves... especially after more than 8 months of wait. Congressman can open an inquiry with USCIS and hopefully expedite the process.
  3. J1disease

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Thank you "STILLWAITING88" for the update! RFEs are annoying but good new is, your application is being reviewed by someone 🙂 When did you submit your application? just to have an idea on the timeline... And can you please share any details about the evidence/documents requested?
  4. J1disease

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    My understanding of the process is that: 1- USCIS reviews your case, they send a recommendation to DOS in a form i-613 2- then DOS reviews your case, and send their Approval/Denial back to USCIS 3- finally, USCIS makes final decision on your case and sends Approval/Denial to you (i read somewhere that if DOS approves, 99% of times USCIS will give final approval)
  5. J1disease

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. This is my timeline: - USCIS received I-612 February 2018 (California Service Center) - DOS received DS-3035 February 2018 Been waiting for 5 months now, but it feels like forever! USCIS processing time is currently 10-13 months, with receipt date for a case inquiry going back to June 22, 2017! Which means i cannot submit a request to expedite since my application was received after 6/22/17. Anyone applied around the same time as me with progress on their case?