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Venkat Rahul

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  1. Venkat Rahul

    Employment Change While in H1-B RFE

    Thanks Joe. I have a chance to jump in full time when my H1-b got in my hand right . At that time do I need to submit anything in my university.
  2. Venkat Rahul

    Health Insurance

    Thanks you so much for your Advise Joe.
  3. Good Day Folks, I had a question for you, Right now I am in OPT recently I got picked H1-B lottery and I got the RFE. So H1-B process taking care my consultant. My question is if I change the consultant at this time is there any effect to my H1-b process. If company offer me Full time at this time , Can I jump into that company. Please advise your reply will be very helpful to me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Venkat Rahul

    Health Insurance

    Hello All, I am new of this site. I have a question regarding Health insurance right now I don't have any insurance. My question is there any Mandatory to take insurance while we are in H1-B. Please suggest me if really need, which is the best insurance do you prefer. Thanks in advance.