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  1. Hello, Greetings !! Really appreciate your answers on below. My current visa stamp expired on 28th Feb 2020 <And it was on my old passport>. I changed my employer on 14th Feb 2020. I have valid I-797 A approved till 2023. Also, I got new passport in January 2020. I am planning to travel to my home country <India> in the month of November and come back by December. Could you please help with below ? 1) I was in USA on 22nd June and Executive order does not impact me, right ? 2) Change of employer and new passport does not have any impact and I am eligible to dropbox. Is my understanding correct ? 3) For dropbox, what all documents should I submit. <from perspective of change of employer, new passport, Executive Order> 4) Will I be able to raise Emergency Appointment at consulate just in case drop box gets rejected or I get 221G Thanks !
  2. Basically I wan to know in my case I-94 and H1B status is valid till 2023 now ?
  3. Hello, Below is my case. Really appreciate if someone can help me out. I was with employer A and I-94 was valid till 28th Feb 2020. [It was through H1B extension and I did travel in May 2019 outside USA. And upon returning it got updated]. Now in February 2020 I left employer A and joined employer B [It happened my visa expiry 28th Feb 2020 and employer A did not start for my H1B extension]. While doing H1B transfer I used my old passport which is valid till August 2020. When H1B transfer was in progress I applied for my new passport and received it as well. My I-797 Validity after H1B transfer is till 2023 And also I-94 date on new I797 is till 2023. Considering this my passport is about to expire in next two months but I have valid I-94 till 2023, Am I good in terms of I-94 and H1B status or do I need to take any action. Thank You in anticipation !!
  4. I am on H1B visa in North Carolina. I got offer in North Carolina from company A. But then I received another better offer hence I want to reject offer of Company A. But Company A is demanding me H1B transfer cost which they have spent . They had mentioned it in offer letter as per below clause. Do I really need to pay fees ? if yes what it would be ? is there any way to get out without paying it. Clause:- As required by applicable immigration and labor law regulations, we will pay all fees and costs associated with the transfer of your existing H1B visa to us. We will not and cannot seek the reimbursement of these fees and costs from our employees as required by law. Please be advised, however, that if after accepting our offer of employment, you in your sole discretion choose either to not start your employment with us or otherwise cancel this offer of employment before your first day of employment, we will not consider you to be our employee or to have ever entered into an employer/employee relationship with us. In this event we will seek, as liquidated damages, the recovery of those applicable fees and expenses as authorized by law.