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  1. I am on H4 Visa. I got DUI in 2013 and I went to India for H4-Visa stamping in 2014 and VO sent me for medicals and after a couple of weeks, my visa was approved. Now again in June 2020, I am going to India for H4-Visa stamping.. My question, will again VO officer send me to medical test? Please let me know if anyone experienced the same situation? Thanks PK
  2. Congrats - Quick question, I have heard that if we have DUI we are not allowed to enter CANADA with any kind of visa? Thanks PK
  3. Came to US in 2008 and never once visited back India. I have been in legal status all along the stay and have a valid I140. Current visa valid till MAR2019. I am working for MNC company ( full time ). Does anyone recently attend an H1b interview in Chennai consulate? if so, what are the VO questions can I expect?Also please let me know the document list? Thanks SRP
  4. I got DUI in 2013 and recently my H4-EAD got approved and I have submitted all required court documents (DUI) to USCIS. After they review my documents they have approved my H4-EAD. Now, still NTA effect on my status?