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  1. Hi there, My past employer filed an H1B petition in 2016 and the petition was picked in the lottery and was eventually approved. But I chose to do my Masters degree in the U.S. and came on a J1 Visa later that year. So, I actually never traveled to the U.S using the petition Question: I am wondering if I could use the I797 and do an H1B transfer to my current employer in the U.S? Hope that gives all the details to the question.
  2. Kishorep

    J1 waiver - Hyderabad

    Hi friends, Indian consulate notarized the affidafit and biodata and asked me to get clearance from these authorities: 1. Principal secretary to the Govt of Telangana, Home(Passport) Dept, Telanaga Secretariat, Hyderabad, 500022. I didn't quite understand the phrase "Home(Passport) Dept? What addresses should I be sending it to? Could you please help asap? Thanks