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  1. Hi, I'm also in same boat. My RFE response was received by USCIS on 30th July. If I don't get approval before 30th nov , then I will be returning to India. I'm sure there are many other who are stuck in this situation and it's a very tough situation to be on bench without salary and no visibility ahead.
  2. aruncser

    Waiting for approval on CapGap

    anybody else in the same boat ?
  3. Hi All, Anyone here waiting for H1b 2019 approval and currently on Cap-Gap ? Regards, Arun
  4. aruncser

    H1B 2019 Processing Center Name coming as Unknown

    Anyone else also facing similar issue ?
  5. Hi, What all could be the options for people on CapGap extension and haven't received approval for their in-cap H1b petition ? As per my understanding , person can work till 30th Sept and after that their is grace period of 60days based on the change of status petition in processing. Any comments on this ?
  6. Hi All, My case status is showing "Our unknown office will begin working on your case again". Generally in place of "Unknown" , the processing center name is mentioned. Since case number starts with WAC , so I'm assuming it's being processed at California Processing Center. But then why the dhs account page is showing like "unknown office" ? The regular case status portal is not recognizing my receipt number. So I'm checking it on DHS website "https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov". Has anyone else also facing similar issue ?
  7. Hi All, Currently I'm in CAP-GAP Extension period and my H1b petition has been picked up. I have received a RFE for the same and currently preparing response for that. My question is , with my cap-gap approved i20 , can I travel to India and re-enter USA ? Will I be allowed to re-enter USA ? Any concrete information in this matter would be helpful. Regards, Arun