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  1. Kiranzos

    Notice period violation

    Hi, Had signed a agreement for 30 days notice period with my previous employer but could only serve couple of weeks notice before I joined another company, now she has sent a lawyer notice for damages. Should I respond through another lawyer? Please advise.
  2. Kiranzos

    Termination notice

    Thank you all for your time and advise! Appreciate it.
  3. Kiranzos

    Termination notice

    Hi, My visa is successfully transferred to another employer. I am planning to join the new company in 2 weeks. But my current employer wants me to give 30 days notice as I had signed an agreement, in which it says 30 days of notice an employee has to give. Do I still need to serve 30 days notice or can I give notice of 15 days or less? He also pays 1 month delayed salary? So my worry you if I serve 30days notice he might End up not paying 2 months salary. Please let me know your advise. Warm Regards, Kiran