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  1. PharmaResource

    Traveling to Canada

    Thank you for your response. So my situation is as follows: 1. Have a stamped H1B visa from Employer A on my passport expiring 30 Sep 2018. The I-94 is valid till then. 2. Applied for a COS to H4 in Jan 2018. No update to case yet. 3. Got a job with company C . They applied for H1B. Got approved with I-797B. Need to go to Canada to cross the border and come back with a new I-94. 4. Currently in the process of applying for canadian tourist visa. Lawyer suggests applying under H4 instead of H1. What do you thinK?
  2. PharmaResource

    Traveling to Canada

    Hello, I am planning to apply for the Canadian tourist visa. I applied for a COS to H4 in January and my case is still not approved. Will be there be an issue to getting the tourist visa?
  3. PharmaResource

    H1B I-797B

    Thank you for your prompt response. So my lawyer is suggesting me to just go over the border and come back with a new I-94 and not do the visa interview at all. Is that possible on a I-797B or can be done only on an approved I-797A? Please note my I-94 is valid till 30 Sep 2018 and the visa on my passport also has a valid stamped visa till 30 Sep 2018 ( albeit with a different employer, employer A). My current I-797B is with employer C.
  4. PharmaResource

    H1B I-797B

    Thank you for your response. Do you have any information on which consulate is better - Toronto or Vancouver?
  5. PharmaResource

    H1B I-797B

    Hello, Here is my status: Jan 07 2018: Resigned from my last job with employer B (was on H1B) Jan 12 2018: Filed for a change of status to H4 Feb 28: H1B with employer B expired Apr 2018: Got a job offer from employer C May 2018: Employer C started H1B application under premium processing, Got 2 RFEs but eventually H1B was approved. However, I got I797B. I have not left the country since Jan 2017. My H4 application is still pending. My passport has a H1B stamped for employer A valid till Sep 2018. My questions are 1. Can we know why I got I-797B instead of A? Can I fill a case and get that refuted? 2. Can I go to Canada for the visa interview or do I have to go to India for the same? 3. Are there any chances for the visa to be rejected during the interview? Thanks