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Sivaram Prasad

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  1. Sivaram Prasad

    H4 RFE

    Hi, I had H-1B non immigrant visa valid till November 4, 2017. I filed my H-1B extension on September 18, 2017 which was denied on July 28, 2018. And I was working with the same employer till that period. Then I filed I-539 change of status on July 9, 2018. Now on January 28, 2019 I received an RFE to prove my non immigrant status from November 4, 2017 to till the period of filing H4 petition. Asked to provide recent I-797 Notice of Action, evidence of admission into the USA. Please advise me on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sivaram Prasad

    COS to H4 after H1 extension denied

    Thank you.
  3. Sivaram Prasad

    COS to H4 after H1 extension denied

    Hi, My wife H1 visa expired on November 2017 and applied for extension in August 2017. The case was denied in June 28, 2018. Her max out days ware done by June 30, 2018. 1. Can we apply for her COS to H4 as a dependent to me (I am the H1 worker having visa till October 2018) 2 Or does she need to leave the US Please guide us. Thanks