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  1. @Chirayu - Is it okay if we go for appeal? I have some more time to stay in USA since I'm an F-1 student.
  2. @srisrid Attached pictures are the response to my RFE.
  3. Hello, Case status in USCIS website shows my H-1B application was denied and mail has been sent with a reason of denial. I'm a full time employee workign directly under my employer. I got an RFE for specialty occupation, my attorney had replied to that RFE. I believe that RFE supporting documents were not good enough for USCIS to accept my application. What can I do now ? Can I use the same attorney to re-open the application? Or can I go to another attorney with this application? I did Manufacturing in Master's and I'm working as a manufacturing engineer now. I have no consultancies or staffing agencies in between my employer & myself. Please suggest me what to do. If needed I can share my RFE & replying documents.
  4. Ram A

    Can I change Job While H1b is under RFE

    @kkp2208 - Thank you ! I get pay check every week .. As per your suggestion I think I should wait at least for 2-3 months.
  5. Ram A

    Can I change Job While H1b is under RFE

    @pontevecchio-Thanks for your reply. Any idea of how many days I should work with my H1 sponsor?
  6. Hello, I 've been working for company A since OPT and my H1 is under process with an RFE. Am I allowed to change the company and work for B? If so what happens to my H1? Would I be able to transfer it?