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  1. Just questions... not a single document asked by the CO. I was only asked two questions and that's it.
  2. Well, my interview was today and my visa got approved!!! I'm so happy haha
  3. Lol mine are definitely on the controlling side. I'm too scared to even tell them I have a boyfriend.
  4. Over here in India, it's not uncommon for an employee to get at least a 15 day vacation sanctioned after working there for more than six months. Especially when you say you are travelling abroad with your family, employers are way more likely to grant it.
  5. Hi... I'm a single Indian woman (actually I do have a boyfriend and have been in a long term relationship for some years...) and I'm applying for a B2 visa along with my parents to go visit my younger brother who's currently working in the USA. We also want to visit a few tourist attractions while we're there. My question is, what are my chances?? I have been refused a tourist visa twice to visit my brother last year but back then I applied alone and this time I'm planning to travel with my parents so would this make any difference? I'm also working in a financial company for the past 7 months... Last time, I applied I was working for a different company. So what are my chances of getting approved as well as my parents?? Thanks. Btw, I'm 29years old and from India.