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  1. Mukundj

    H1B new Employer - Driver License

    Hi, Thanks for the details. its in Indianapolis , Indiana.. I got a letter today from DMV saying if my SAVE information which they checked with DHS is incorrect then i need to schedule an appointment with USCIS and have the information updated and then visit DMV office again. I do have everything valid as per I797 and I94.. Now, if i visit another DMV office and tell them i got this letter they will ask to do as per letter first and then come back to DMV office. Should i not tell them that i got this letter and just ask for renewal ? or just visit USCIS and see if that helps ?
  2. Mukundj

    H1B new Employer - Driver License

    Yes. i will do that.. I contacted DMV office via phone and they said my license was sent to Home land and they denied it and asked to show new document rather than current approved petition from employer A .. Few questions below if anyone can help me with it : if employer B petition is approved does it by default revoke Employer A petition irrespective of approved petition ? Should i need to visit USCIS office and inform them that i have not joined the new company and would be staying with the same or if the new employer B withdraws the petition everything will set right in there system ?
  3. Hi, I have come across a very strange situation.. I recently got my H1B approved by new employer B , however post approval I decided to stay with current employer A and not join employer B . Now my Driver license was expiring and I decided to get it Renewed . I got the temporary license showing my current employer A I-797 and I-94 , but then I was later denied with permanent license card I was told that I need to submit new H1B employer B approved petition . since i am not joining the new employer B , I dont have these document to show, I have the current employer document which are still valid as per I94 and I797 petition but still denied saying i need to show new I797 . Can you please tell how should i address this situation ?