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  1. Had my interview on a Tuesday, passport/visa was released from embassy on Monday. Collected from post office on Tue Mrg and got back to work in US Tue afternoon. I drove from greater Seattle area. I was expecting it to be a 3 day trip but needed 2 extra business days. So total 5 business days & weekend due to admin processing. Oh well. Nothing we can do about it.. my last couple stamping interviews were faster got my pp back in 2 days. Port of Entry questions: Officer: How are you doing? Officer: Why are going to CA? Me Have h1b interview then touring Vancouver Officer: Is this your first time? Me: Yes Officer: When is the interview? Me: gave date & time.. Officer: How long will you be here? Me: 3-5 days. Officer: What will you do in mean time, just hanging out? Me: Yes Officer: Are you going to do any business for XXX while you're in CA? Me: Nope Officer: Is this a rental car? Me: No my own car Officer: Ok. Have a nice stay! Interview questions: CO: How are you? Me: fine thanks, how are you? CO: Where do you live? Me: Seattle CO: Did you study in US? Which school? Me: Yes, my school name CO: So were you working on OPT till now? Me: In my case I was already on h1b for few years so told the same that I've been working for x years. CO: What were you doing in the old city? Me: Employer name & my designation CO: Why did you move to new city? What do you do here? Me: Moved for new work assignment, gave my designation. CO: Your visa is approved. We just need to do some admin processing which will take 3-5 business days so expect passport back early next week. This was on Tuesday and I got email from embassy on Monday that documents are ready to pick up.