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  1. harish shankaran

    LCA Amendment

    For change of client (Same employer) that is in a different state, that allows me to work from home (in my current state), does the USCIS permit to do so due to COVICD/whatever reason. 1. What extra information should i mention in the LCA amendment ? 2. What extra information should the client provide in the PO ?
  2. harish shankaran

    H1B travel & approval

    I have a valid visa in my PP till Aug end 2020. In the mean time my extension is approved and i have the I797 on hand. Will i be able to travel (till Aug 2020), outside USA, with the currently stamped visa ?
  3. harish shankaran

    Travel ABROAD during H1B extension travel

    Hello 1. Can we travel outside of USA, after receipt of case number, for H1B extension. 2. If we travel, what are the implications? 3. Is there a way to inform USCIS about the purpose of travel and get approval?
  4. harish shankaran

    Stimulus cheque for H1B

    I am on H1B and i have received stimulus pay cheque. Would encashing it affect my renewals or green card processing in future? If i decide to return the cheque, what is the procedure.
  5. harish shankaran

    IELTS validity for Canadian PR

    My IELTS score is 2 yrs old and Canada PR application is 1 year old. How long is the IELTS score valid for canadian PR. Will it be valid as long as CIC takes time to process the application, i.e. till invitation is received.
  6. harish shankaran

    Eb1 - qualifications

    Can someone list the exact requirements for Eb1 eligibility.
  7. harish shankaran

    H1B validity with I140

    So in essence, irrespective of H1B's current validity, one can renew it based on I140 number ? And any clue on the success rates or risks involved in such scenario ?
  8. harish shankaran

    H1B validity with I140

    I am on I140 & my H1B is valid for next 3 yrs. My company is asking me to relocate to another country for 5 yrs. Once the other assignment is over (by the time current H1B wld have expired) in the new country, will i be able to extend H1B using I140 OR will it be treated as a new H1B through LOTTERY system.
  9. harish shankaran

    H1b transfer

    Hello If my H1B transfer (from another company) gets rejected, can i continue to work on the current H1B with my current employer (which is active).